3 Drinks That Taste Like Red Bull

drinks that taste like red bull
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drinks that taste like red bull

Red Bull, an Austrian energy drink, has sold the most energy drink cans in the world. It is a great energy drink owing to its unique taste and potential effects on alertness and mindfulness. Energy drinks, as the name suggests, are made to boost the overall performance of a person. The result is temporary but potent. The essential ingredients in Red bull are caffeine, B vitamins, sugar, glucuronolactone, taurine, and water.

The benefits of drinking red bull are extensive. They are mainly used by youngsters involved in rigorous activities. Athletes use it to improve both aerobic and anaerobic activities. Red bull states their 250 ml can have 75 mg of caffeine. It is a high amount and directly affects cognition improving mindfulness and alertness. Vitamin B is present in the drink in the form of a water-soluble vitamin.

It enhances the metabolism and promotes the breakdown of carbs and proteins. The resultant impact is high amounts of glucose and amino acids. Sugar is an essential part of any drink as it releases high amounts of glucose and boosts energy quickly. Similarly, taurine and glucuronolactone are other beneficial constituents of Red Bull.

Drinks that taste like Red bull:

Red Bull has a taste that is hard to describe. Some define it as if it is a cough recipe. A can of Red Bull has a high amount of sugar but does not taste as sweet. It is also said to be a sweet-tart liquid. You can only tell the taste by drinking some of it. We have collected a list of drinks that taste like Red bull and other alternatives as well.

1) Rockstar:

Rockstar is a competitor of Red Bull. It is believed that both resemble in taste, color, and texture. So, if you are looking for a similar taste energy drink, Rockstar is your choice.

2) Bacchus Energy Drink:

Just like the other energy drinks, Bacchus Energy Drink causes stimulation of the central nervous system. This energy drink is trendy in South Korea.

3) Guarana:

It is a plant found in Brazil in the Amazon forest. It is used in weight loss and energy-boosting products. People who have excessive fatigue and have to do some important work can benefit from it. Guarana is available in the form of drinks. The drink tastes like Red Bull. So, it can be an alternative.

Though red bull boosts your performance and keeps you energized, many believe that red bull can adversely affect your health. There are other natural alternatives of the Red Bull you should consider:

Energy drinks containing natural ingredients:

Energy drinks that use natural ingredients are now becoming popular. Drinks like Runa Organic and Canna Hemp Energy drinks have natural ingredients like hemp seed oil and organic caffeine with a mixture of fruits. The best thing is that these natural ingredients keep you healthy and have lesser calories in it. So, it keeps your body fit and healthy.

Green Tea:

Green tea is a good source of caffeine and keeps you energized for a longer time. It takes some time to process the caffeine; you see its result after some time. It is a great alternative you can opt for.


Most energy drinks have sugar, which energizes you temporarily. However, proteins help stabilize sugar in your blood and make you awake and motivated for a long time. Meat and almonds are the best sources of proteins you can have at any time.


Coffee is an excellent source of keeping you activated all the time. It does not have added sugar in it. You can have a black coffee, which includes caffeine, and you can also try milk giving you vitamin B12. Both will boost your performance throughout the day or night.

Drinking Red Bull has many pros and cons. If the intake is moderate and only when needed, then there is not much harm. Other popular energy drinks taste like Red Bull. They are also as effective when it comes to brain stimulation. Everyone has a preference when it comes to drinks. Choose the best one for yourself. However, be cautious and do not get addicted to these energy drinks. You can try some natural alternatives; in case you cannot get a hand on these drinks.

drinks that taste like red bull
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