Dried Carolina Reaper vs Fresh – Which Suits You The Best?

Dried Carolina Reaper vs Fresh
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Dried Carolina Reaper vs Fresh

Peppers are the ultimate way of adding some heat and spiciness to the foot and there is actually a wide variety of peppers out there. One of the hottest peppers is the Carolina reaper, which is known to have a heat range of 1,400,000 to over 2,200,000 SHU. It’s safe to say that these peppers are hotter as compared to pepper sprays available in the market – do you see how hot they can be? In addition to this incredible heat, it has hints of sweet and fruity flavors which enhances the flavor of sauces and spicy food. However, many people are confused between dried Carolina reaper vs fresh, and with this post, we will outline all the differences!

Dried Carolina Reaper vs Fresh

Dried Carolina Reapers

The dried Carolina reapers are made by dehydrating the fresh and ripe peppers and are known to have a heat level of around 1,596,300 SHUs. It has intense heat and also adds smoky and fruit flavors to the food. Keep in mind that it has an intense flavor, which is why it’s recommended to use a smaller amount to make sure your mouth doesn’t burn.

The dried peppers should be stored in a tightly sealed container to retain the fresh flavor. It would be challenging to dry these peppers at home but you can try dehydrating them under direct sunlight. However, if you have a dehydrator machine, it would be better (the dehydrating process will be quicker and you won’t have to worry about mold or fungus on the peppers).

When dried, these peppers achieve a vibrant orange or red color. The dried peppers can also be grounded into a powdered spice but make sure you wear protective glasses because its dust can cause burning in the eyes. It has a pitted and wrinkly surface, which is intensified with the drying process. As far as the availability is concerned, it can be found in grocery stores and is actually available in various forms, including whole pods, flakes, and powdered forms.

Fresh Carolina Reapers

The fresh Carolina reapers are extremely, even hotter than the fried form. The fresh Carolina reapers have a sweet and fruity flavor, in addition to the heat. These peppers can be chopped before you add them to the food. Fresh peppers are extremely common to find, particularly if you are in the USA. It has a burning heat with slightly sweeter tones.

According to some culinary experts, even the hottest jalapenos will be 175x weaker as compared to the lightest Carolina reapers. These peppers were first identified by Smokin’ Ed Currie as they made these peppers to be a combination of Naja Viper pepper and habanero peppers. These peppers are not only super-hot but also enhance the food’s flavor.

In particular, it can be added to hot sauces as well as Mexican and South Asian recipes as these cuisines look for hot spices. Keep in mind that the fresh Carolina reapers shouldn’t be used in raw form. It is recommended that you dilute it with other ingredients to mask the hotness. You need to wear gloves for handling the fresh peppers.

Tips To Use Carolina Reapers

It doesn’t matter which form of these peppers you are using, you need to follow some tips while using them to ensure safer consumption. Some of these tips include;

  • First of all, you need to remove the skin/membrane of the peppers as it helps reduce the spiciness or hotness of the peppers. In addition, the white pith has the most heat, which is why removing them will make a significant difference
  • Secondly, you should always start adding these peppers at a moderate rate and increase according to the flavor. In simpler words, less is more when it comes down to Carolina reapers
  • Thirdly, if you have to process these peppers, it’s recommended that create a setup in the yard or on the rooftop as proper ventilation is necessary to protect yourself from the pepper dust

All in all, these peppers can be grown at home but it demands proper handling and maintenance. These peppers are available in grocery stores but you can find the fresher peppers from chili farms. Last but not least, the peppers are available in sauce form as well but always start with less.

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