How To Drain Oil From Ground Cooked Beef? (How I Do It)

drain oil from ground beef
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drain oil from ground beef

I used to eat a lotta  junk back when I was little. Well, I guess most kids did, didn’t they? But I was fortunate to have people around me that told me just how unhealthy I was. Of course I didn’t stop eating junk (what teenager could?), but I definitely cut down on it by a lot. That was the start of one of my best habits, since I started eating less and less junk, while starting to eat much healthier at the same time.

Now I like to make sure that most of my food stays healthy, and that includes making sure that me or my family don’t eat too much oil. If you’re in the same boat and want to cut down on unhealthy ingredients like oil, today’s guide will tell you what to do to get rid of oil after cooking ground beef.

How To Drain Oil From Ground Cooked Beef

Lots of people don’t like too much oil in their food, and I’m one of them. Unfortunately, that sometimes gets in the way of cooking or eating things, because so many delicious recipes have oil in them. But, just because you had to make your ground beef with oil doesn’t mean you have to stomach all of it. I have a simple little hack you can follow, which is:

sticky ground beef
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There are a couple of different ways to get rid of oil in your ground beef, and the best one is to tilt the pan after you’re done cooking the meal. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to hold all the beef on one side and tilt the pan slightly towards the other side. That way, the beef will stay in place, but the oil will seep out on one side and collect in place. The oil will do the job for you, since it will slide down the slope on its own.

tilt pan
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You should also press the beef down a little, because the force will make the oil drain out even more. Keep holding the pan in a tilted way during this entire time, since the oil will slowly keep moving to one side.

press beef
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Then, once it looks like all the oil you could squeeze out is finally collected in one side, just grab a tissue and suck the whole thing up! You can use a disposable paper towel or fold up tissues for this, and both will do the job. They’ll absorb the oil right up, and you won’t have to worry about it being there anymore. Keep using paper towels or more tissues until it’s completely dry and fully absorbed.

absorb oil
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There’s also the quicker alternative of using disposable containers. Once the oil is collected on one side, you can dump it all into a small disposable container and throw that into a waste bin. This is much quicker, doesn’t use up lots of tissues or paper towels, and keeps the mess at a minimum.

drained oil from ground beef
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Regardless of which method you follow, the oil will now be gone and you can enjoy your ground beef a much healthier way!


Those are two great ways of getting rid of excess oil from your ground beef! It’ll make the meal much healthier since you won’t be eating as much oil in every bite. It’s a very easy thing to do which goes a long way for your body, so make sure that you follow either of these methods from now on!

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