Does Pancake Syrup Need To Be Refrigerated? 

does pancake syrup need to be refrigerated
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does pancake syrup need to be refrigerated

Getting up after a full eight hours of sleep is one of the most rewarding experiences, and when you get to eat pancakes for breakfast, it’s a cherry on top, right? The pancakes are amazingly tender and puffy, and when you top them with pancake syrup, the taste will be delicious. However, many people think, “does pancake syrup need to be refrigerated?” and we have the answers for you!

Does Pancake Syrup Need To Be Refrigerated? 

Refrigerating The Pancake Syrup

Pancake syrup is commonly known as maple syrup, and people love to top their pancakes with this heavenly syrup. With this being said, when you open the pancake/maple syrup, it is suggested to refrigerate it. When you open the syrup bottle properly, it will have a shelf life of around one year. However, you need to refrigerate the pancake syrup properly.

On the other hand, people argue that they don’t want to add the cold pancake syrup on their fluffy pancakes. In this case, you can warm up the pancake syrup that you want to use with the pancakes. When it comes down to refrigerating the pancake syrup bottle, the refrigeration will keep the syrup fresh.

However, the artificial syrups are made with preservation materials that are immune to bacterial growth and promises that the pancake syrup will remain safe to eat. The pancake syrup is made with 0.80 aw. In contrast, the bacterial growth needs around 0.90aw or higher, which means the pancake syrup will grow bacteria even if it’s left out of the fridge (this is only in the case of artificial syrups).

On the other hand, if you are using pure maple syrup as pancake syrup, they might get bacterial growth if not put in the refrigerator. All in all, whenever there is bacterial growth in the bottle, it will impact the flavor and won’t be safe to eat.

Difference Between Pure Maple Syrup and Artificial Syrup

The real maple syrup is made out of the sugar maple trees, which is consistently boiled to harness the sugary syrup. When you open the seal of pure maple syrup, know that the spores in the air can lead to the development of mold on the syrup surface. This is the prime reason that pure maple syrup needs to be refrigerated at all costs.

At a theoretical level, it is suggested to remove the mold and boil it for killing off the bacteria. Once boiled, it is suggested to add the syrup in a clean container. However, you can refrigerate the maple syrup to get away from the white foamy appearance and mold on the syrup surface. On the other hand, there are imitated maple syrups.

These syrups are made with artificial extract and preservatives, which makes it easy to store without refrigeration. As long as the panty is clean, you can keep the artificial maple syrup put of the fridge. All in all, it is suggested to read the labels on the bottle because manufacturers always write down the instructions.

The bottom line is that artificial maple syrup will suffice without the refrigerator, while pure maple syrup always needs refrigeration to protect it from molds.

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