Do Anchovies On Pizza have Bones?

do anchovies on pizza have bones
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do anchovies on pizza have bones

Pizza is the ultimate snack and no one can deny this fact. Ranging from thin-crust pizzas to deep pan pizzas, every pizza has our heart. In the same way, the pizza toppings differ from the pizza flavor and we absolutely love anchovies on the pizza. However, some people wonder, “Do anchovies on pizza have bones?” we have the answers for you.

Do Anchovies on Pizza have Bones?

Anchovies On Pizza

Anchovy is basically the oily fish that promises extreme flavor. It doesn’t matter if you add fresh anchovies or the preserved ones, the flavor will be extremely engaging. As far as the bone part is concerned, the anchovies are packed with oil and are preserved in oils as well. Sure, the anchovies do have small bones that can easily soften up.

The anchovies are usually packed in jars but you should try rinsing off the salt to make sure nothing creates the extreme taste. In case you want to suck out all the salt, just drop them in milk or water. Then, you can chop them and top them on the pizza. On top of everything, the anchovies will melt with other ingredients, promising better flavor.

The anchovies will melt with ingredients when you cook and heat them in the pan. So, when it comes down to the bones, cooking the anchovies is better because it makes them soft and makes everything edible. In addition, if you choose the cured anchovies, they are the softest which means you don’t need to remove the bones.

With this being said, you can always add anchovies to the pizza without even removing the bones. This is because the bones are soft and are equally edible. However, if you find the idea of bones bothersome, you can use the anchovy paste. In the case of cured anchovies, it will soften the bones which means they are just there for textures.

All in all, you can make a puree which promises the same flavor and you won’t have to bite on the chewy bones. In case you are concerned about the bones, keep in mind that bones of anchovies have thin bones (same size as that of a human hair). Some people struggle with bones lodged in the teeth, but it can be removed using a toothpick.

Can You Add Anchovies On Pizza?

Yes, you always add anchovies on the pizza even without removing the bones. This is because the bone has literally a negligible size and is soft as well which makes it edible. However, it might get stuck between your teeth but are easily removed. Still, if you find the idea of bones too troublesome, you can use the anchovy taste to get the right flavor.

In addition, you can cook the anchovies with other ingredients before topping it on the pizza. This is because it will be transformed into a paste and stick with pizza ingredients to give flavor and the bone will be nowhere to be found. The anchovies on pizza differ with the pizza flavor and type, so you can choose what suits you the best!

do anchovies on pizza have bones
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