Dish Drying Mat vs Dish Drying Rack: Which One To Use?

dish drying mat vs rack
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dish drying mat vs rack

One of the most traditional tools to be used in the kitchen for a very long time now is the dish drying rack. This handy tool is something that a lot of people already know of, since it’s also something that they own and have in their kitchen, or at least owned at one point.

If neither of these two, then they at least know someone that has one of them. That’s because they’re simple and easy to make the most out of, being very handy tools that don’t require too much skill to use.

But as time goes on and on, more and more alternatives to dish drying racks are starting to be found. One of the main examples of these are dish drying mats, which are very popular all around the world.

If you’re setting up your kitchen or are looking to help someone else set up their kitchen but can’t decide if you should get a dish drying mat or rack, here’s something which can help out. Continue reading below to learn more about the differences between the two and which is more preferable.

Dish Drying Mat Vs Rack


The use of both of these tools is very obvious as it’s given in the name and it is of course very similar, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to get down to the details of how both of them are used, and when you do so, you can know exactly just how different they are from each other.

Both of these tools are used for drying dishes, but the way they go about it is completely distinct. For example, dish mats are as simple as it possibly gets.

These are simply mats which can be placed on countertops, preferable near your sink. As you continue to wash dishes, these help you place them on the countertop. They provide a sturdy surface on which the dishes won’t slip, while also ensuring that the counter under them doesn’t get wet either.

Then comes the dish drying rack which usually has multiple different levels to it, all of which can be used to store different kinds of dishes. In short, both provide dishes with a safe and stable place to dry, but do so in completely different ways.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Next up is a very important aspect in which both of these are good in their own way. Convenience is very important since you want your life in the kitchen to be as easy and comfortable as possible. With this said, dish drying mats are certainly capable of providing convenience to some degree.

They don’t have any extra designs or layers and are just mats. These mats are something you can use in any way you like to dry off dishes, storing all the different things in any way or pattern you seek fit. The only problem is that they’re smaller in size compared to racks, making it difficult to store too much.

As for dish racks, they can be a little uncomfortable to work with in some kitchens since they take a relatively much larger amount of space. However, this also means that they provide a lot more storage space than mats, especially because of the different shelves and hooks.

Another advantage to using these is that unlike dish drying mats which block off the moisture in the inside from escaping, dish racks do no such things. This also means that unlike dish drying mats, they allow the dish to dry up even from the inside.

Maintenance and Durability

There’s nothing to worry about for either product when it comes to durability or maintenance. The dish rack especially will stay completely safe as long as users have got it placed on a stable surface. As for the dish mat, there’s one big problem.

This is the fact that it must be put in the washing machine to clean up every single day, since it’s highly prone to bacteria sticking around which can get on the drying dishes. This makes taking care of your dish drawing mat feel like a chore at times.

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