Dexter Russell vs Victorinox: What’s The Difference?

dexter russell vs victorinox
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dexter russell vs victorinox

Knives are essential for everyone and every kitchen. For the same reason, there are various brands in the market. On the contrary, one shoe (read knife) doesn’t fit all. This is why we are discussing Dexter Russell Vs. Victorinox since they are one of the fine knives in the market. So, let’s check out the details!

Dexter Russell vs Victorinox

Dexter Russell

When it comes to culinary, it’s a form of art and Dexter Russell is the ultimate knife brand. Of course, it has a great blade with a clean and sharp design. These knives are high-rated and coined their name as the American brand. Their knives are extremely popular in the United States. The knives are heavy-duty, high-quality which makes them suitable for every sort of task. That’s to say because these knives can be used for butchering, dicing, meat trimming, slicing, chopping, and boning.

Their knives are available in forged as well as stamped form. The stamped knives are made out of steel sheets that are run through the press. In addition, various blades are constructed in the same shape and are punched together. On the other hand, the forged knives are made by melting and heating the metal and are shaped into the blades. Dexter Russell has a great name since they use advanced machinery and craftsmanship.

When we compare Dexter Russell’s forged knife with a stamped knife, forged ones are heavier, hence easier to use. The forged knives are extremely durable. As far as construction is concerned, they use 400-series steel grade in the knives with lower nickel percentage, promising better durability. In addition, it has chromium and iron infusion that makes it resistant to corrosion. Even more, they might use 420 high-carbon (aka the surgical steel) in some of their knives.

After using these knives, it’s better to use handwashing because they aren’t safe for dishwashers. As for the construction, it has a heat-treating technique for forging the steel blades. As a result, the knives will be hard since it is heated on the proper temperature. In addition, these treated knives will lead to sharp blade edges. Dexter Russell knives have shaped edges but they have various blade thickness options.

For instance, the thinner blades are suitable for professional usage, hence better slicing. For now, they have 200 shapes of blades available. However, they can make customized knife blades as well, according to the customers’ needs. In addition to the knives, they have designed the Sani-safe diamond sharpener that’s great for sharpening or creating the edges. On the contrary, you can also send the knives to the company as they have a sharpening service.


This is the Swiss brand of knives, so you can expect all the fineness and premium design. Their range of knives is extensive. For instance, there are specialized knives, chef’s knives, multi-purpose, and all-purpose knives. The majority of their knives are great for various functions, such as slicing, chopping, and dicing. In addition, their knives are great for slicing the bread as well. We wouldn’t mind saying that these knives have a classic design.

The blade is wide and the curved edge creates the rocking motion for easy cutting. The best thing about their knives is their ability to smash the garlic cloves (it’s not in every knife). When it comes down to the handle, they have a rough surface that reduces the chances of slippage. However, the rough surface of the handle tends to pick up the food particles. When you order the knives, they come with a plastic sheath that leads to better storage.

Their knives are designed with stainless steel material (in blade). Also, they have stamped and forged knives. To illustrate, the stamped knives are lightweight and come with a thermoplastic handle. As far as the performance is concerned, their knives are incredibly sharp and don’t lose it over time (edge maintenance is great!). While using the Victorinox knives, they have a good feel and does a great job of chopping, slicing, and dicing.

On the contrary, if you want this knife to last, it must be hand washed and dried. However, people can also use air-drying. If we talk about specs, it’s safe for dishwashers but it can dull the edge over time. In case the dishwasher is the only option, it’s better to ensure zero contact with other utensils and pots.

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