Dash Blender vs Vitamix – The Best Option For You

dash vs vitamix
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dash vs vitamix

Every kitchen needs a nice blender to blend the food for quicker preparation of food for dinner and make the smoothies healthy. For this reason, it’s essential to choose high-end blenders, which brings us to Dash vs. Vitamix comparison. These two are some of the best blenders out there and come with their own set of features. So, let’s check out the features!

Dash Blender vs Vitamix

Dash Blender

Dash is one of the most popular brands when it comes down to blenders, and they have an extensive range of blenders available to meet the different needs of the users. However, all their blenders are designed with utmost focus on quality, hence a well-designed blender. The blender is designed with strong and sturdy blades, which make them suitable for a variety of tasks, ranging from iced lattes to dinner foods and hot soups.

The blender is integrated with eight presets, which also includes the self-cleaning feature to streamline the cooking experience as well as cleaning. The self-cleaning feature means that it will clear out all the food residues and debris on its own. In addition, the blenders are available in an extensive range of colors. The best thing about these blades is the Japanese stainless steel blades, promising heavy-duty function. There is also a digital interface available for selecting the settings.

The blender has a 2.25 horsepower configuration with a 1400W motor, promising powerful function. The availability of eight-speed settings makes it suitable for crushing, smoothies, purees, soups, frozen food, and rinsing food. In addition, it has a manual setting and pulse setting available. The blender container is made from the BPA-free and food-grade plastic construction, along with six-point stainless steel blades, promising perfect blending.

When it comes down to the self-cleaning function, it also has a no-drip spout, so nothing comes out of the jar. There is special cord storage available to make sure there is no cable-related mess. The motor has a seven-year warranty as well as a one-year warranty on the parts. The blender also has a recipe book available to help you with cooking. Overall, the blender is convenient to use and set up. However, you will have a hard time fitting it in the cabinet-based countertops because the blender is tall.


If you have been looking for a heavy-duty blender, nothing will fit the bill better than the Vitamix blender. This is one of the most versatile units and comes with the 64-ounce blending jar (the jar’s capacity depends on the blender model). The blender is designed with a ten-speed dial option to select different speeds according to the food or ingredients that you are preparing. However, you can also select the no preset option to manually select the settings.

In case you are concerned about cleaning, the Vitamix blender is not dishwasher-safe, but it can be quickly cleaned by hand. As for the application, the blender can make nut butter by crushing the nuts, making hot soups, and crushing the ice. The blender is integrated with a two-horsepower motor, which is powerful enough to blend and prepare food within a few minutes. There are four stainless steel blades designed in the jar to speed up the blending speed.

The blending jar is made from BPA-free material to ensure the food is safe from chemical contaminants. In addition, it has a seven-year warranty, so you can get free repair and replacement if something goes wrong with the blender or if the blender’s hardware gets damaged. The best thing is the variable speed setting to ensure you can control the food preparation process. It has a dial, but there is no LCD display, making it a bit challenging to use and old-fashioned. The only con is the lack of LCD display and fewer features when compared to Dash blenders, but it is available at double the price.

The Bottom Line

Honestly, choosing between Dash blenders and Vitamix blenders is quite challenging, and the latter can meet the juicing and soup-preparation requirements of the users since it has a tough motor with professional-level functionality. On the other hand, the Dash blender is even more powerful and leads to intuitive functionality, given the availability of an LCD display. So, the final vote goes to the Dash processor since it’s more powerful and affordable!

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