3 Common DASH Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

DASH Air Fryer Problems
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DASH Air Fryer Problems

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When people start looking for healthy food options, they know they have to give up on oily dishes. But often, the alternatives can’t compete with the taste of fried food. As a result, people end up going back to fried food and not taking care of their health.

But nowadays, the best alternative has become available in the market in the shape of air fryers. Air fryers are ideal for making healthy food that also tastes delicious.

DASH is a reliable brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. With the DASH air fryer, people can cook their favorite fried food items at home. The air fryer comes with plenty of useful features. But despite being the perfect appliance, it can run into problems occasionally.

Common Problems with DASH Air Fryer

Different users have made many claims that they have faced certain problems while using DASH air fryers. On asking such users about the problem, we found out that some common issues seem to occur while using DASH air fryers.

But just because an appliance is not working correctly does not mean you must get it replaced. Most of the time, the common problems have a simple solution.

Today, we will be helping all the users that have found themselves in a bind because of their DASH air fryer. We will be mentioning the most common problems and their solutions that one might run into while using a DASH air fryer. All of these problems are discussed below.

1. Getting Soggy or Dry Food

Food Is Not Crispy Enough
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Soggy food

The reason air fryers became popular is that they can make crispy food without using too much oil. As a result, they can reduce the number of calories in a food item by 80%. But if an air fryer makes soggy food, people will end up choosing dishes fried in oil. You can only enjoy healthy foods if they taste good too.

A common problem among users of the DASH air fryer is that they get soggy or dry food when they try to cook in the air fryer. This happens because people tend to misunderstand how they are supposed to use an air fryer.

Sure, air fryers are a healthier way of cooking your food and require less oil most of the time. However, they still need oil for the food to be cooked properly. The mistake that these users make is they add little to no oil to their food. This makes the food get baked instead.

As a result, the food may end up tasting dry and soggy. Ideally, you would want to have a thin layer of oil on your food. So, regardless of the type of dish you are making, you should add oil to your air fryer. Sure, you don’t need as much oil as you would for deep frying, but your food will become dry without oil.

2. Smoke Coming Out of Air Fryer

Smoke Coming Out of Air Fryer
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Smoke Coming Out of Air Fryer

Another alarming problem that many users face is noticing some smoke coming out of the air fryer. As a result, most of them start panicking. Whenever you see smoke while cooking in an air fryer, begin by completely turning off your air fryer (unplug the power as well).

Also, determine the color of the smoke. There could be three different colors of the smoke which should tell you the cause. The white smoke mostly means that you may have put too much oil in the air fryer, or the food may be too moist or fatty.

Black smoke refers to your food burning as the oil inside has started to burn due to high temperatures. Lastly, blue smoke points to a burning component. In either case, thoroughly inspect the air fryer. If you smell something burning, ensure that you get the air fryer checked by a professional.

In case the problem is the oil or food, you can fix the issue yourself. But if a component of the air fryer has been burnt, you cannot resolve the problem independently. Instead, you will have to go to an authorized repair shop or contact DASH customer support.

If the warranty of your air fryer is valid, you will be able to get the component replaced for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay an authorized repair agent to make your air fryer start working again.

3. Air Fryer Not Turning On

Air Fryer Not Turning On
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Air Fryer Not Turning On

Finally, we have another famous problem that all air fryers seem to face. As an air fryer is basically an electrical component, it requires power to run correctly. However, some users seem to be unable to start the air fryer as it refuses to turn on.

If that is so, then the very first thing to check is the power outlet. Ensure there is nothing wrong with the power outlet. Also, try giving the wire a wiggle and ensuring the power cable is correctly fitted inside the power outlet. It could also be that the circuit breaker has tripped.

After you have made sure to check the power source of the air fryer thoroughly and have determined that there is nothing wrong with them, it could be a technical problem. Any components inside the air fryer have likely been damaged, or the unit itself is faulty.

It would be best to call customer service
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Inspect the air fryer thoroughly before contacting support

In this case, there isn’t anything you can do except to get it checked. You can also try contacting support and sending them the unit. More often than not, people start panicking, thinking that their device has gotten damaged when it doesn’t turn on.

But sometimes, users forget to turn on the switch or fit the plug into the outlet properly. So, it is important to check these things before you decide to send your air fryer for repairs. Only go to the repair shop if the problem is with the device itself.

The Bottom Line

Don't give up on that non-oily crispy food
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Don’t give up on that non-oily crispy food

Everyone wants to eat healthy food. But making that transition from oily to non-oily food is not easy. Deep-fried food items have certain crispiness that adds to their taste. So, people find it challenging to give up on that.

But with air fryers, that transition has become easier because they make every food item crispy. However, there are plenty of air fryers available in the market these days. So, make sure to get the right one.

A DASH air fryer is quite reliable. But it can also run into issues. However, you can easily fix these common problems at home if you know the right solutions. If you are using a DASH air fryer and facing problems because of it, you might feel quite frustrated.

We recommend calling the professional
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We recommend calling the professional

But before you decide to run to the repair shop or give up on your air fryer completely, go through the solutions mentioned above. This article has all the common problems that one may experience while using the DASH air fryer.

Giving it a read should help in allowing you to be able to troubleshoot the issues effectively. If these solutions don’t work out, you can contact DASH customer support and find out how you can make your air fryer start working again.

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