Cuisinart CTO-270PC Review: Pros and Cons

cuisinart cto-270pc review
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cuisinart cto-270pc review

If you’ve been visiting your grandma for a long time, you would remember her amazing oven toaster that promised even and thorough heating. There was a time when these oven toasters were completely off the radar but Cuisinart has come up with a new toaster oven. This toaster oven is designed with high-end functions and top-notch performance. In the article below, we are sharing the Cuisinart CTO-270PC review to help you have proper information!

Cuisinart CTO-270PC Review

First of all, this is the premium convection toaster oven designed by Cuisinart. This toaster oven has been designed with nine different functions and convection is one of them. The convection feature will help with the premium cooking needs of the users. With this being said, you can bake different dishes, such as roasts, roasted potatoes, and you can even bake cakes.

The toaster oven broiler has a 0.6 cubic foot capacity which makes it easy for the users to cook the entire chicken roast at one time. In addition, you can bake around six bread slices and a small-sized pizza. When it comes down to the control, the toaster oven has been integrated with an electronic dial, so you will have higher control over the functions.

In addition, the availability of LED buttons makes it easy for users to use the toaster oven in dark (your spouse will no longer get disturbed by the kitchen lights). The toaster oven has been integrated with the Exact Heat sensor that helps everyone keep precise control on temperature, so you can customize the heat settings according to the recipe.

Also, there is an Always Even shade control feature in this toaster oven that promises perfectly crispy toast without compromising the consistency of the cooking. When it comes down to power, this toaster oven is designed to work with 1800 watts of power for the proper cooking outcome. As far as the cooking functions are concerned, there are seven cooking functions, such as bake, toast, convection, bagel, reheat, broil, and defrost.

The digital controls promise a better user experience. The best thing about this toaster oven is the nonstick interior which means food won’t stick to the surface and it will be easier to clean. For people who are concerned about the exterior, the toaster oven has a stainless steel finish (brushed one) which gives a very sleek and consistent outlook.

There is a clock in this oven, along with a two-hour timer for your ease. On top of everything, the toaster oven is integrated with the broiling rack, baking tray, and crumb tray to offer versatile functionality. The crumb tray has a slide-out feature for easy removability and easy cleaning. When you order this toaster oven, it comes with a recipe book and all of them can be cooked in the oven.

The interior of this oven has ample storage which makes it suitable to hold the dinner plate which means you can roast chicken and side veggies at one time. The toaster oven has been designed with seamless functions and the sleek and clean design complies well with the edgy and modern kitchens. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this toaster oven provides value for your money. Lastly, the door handle is very neat and promises an easier grip.

The Downsides

Sure, there are a variety of features and functions in this toaster oven but it comes with a fair share of downsides. First of all, the users have been having a hard time with low-temperature settings because the calibrations aren’t optimal. Also, there is only one wire rack which is pretty limited. In addition, the backlight buttons make it difficult to read the functions.

Above all, we aren’t happy with the interior light because it’s too dim to help access the cooking progress. On top of everything, the accessories can be hard to clean since they are not safe for dishwashers. All in all, the cooking alert has a very slight sound which can be hard to hear if you aren’t in the kitchen.

The Bottom Line

This toaster oven is a fine choice for people who have low space issues. As far as the cooking outcome is concerned, it is even and consistent. Also, the interior is easy to clean. The only thing you need to consider the difficulty to access the cooking progress. The bottom line is that this toaster oven providers value of your money.

cuisinart cto-270pc review
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