Cuban Bread vs French Bread – Which Bread To Choose?

cuban bread vs french bread
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Cuban Bread vs French Bread

The baking method used to develop bread can play a huge role in determining the texture and final flavor of the recipe. So, you need to pay close attention to all the bread types available in the bakery to find the perfect fit for your recipe. The best thing you can do is rely on experts working at the bakery. Just mention your requirements, and they will recommend the perfect bread for your recipe. 

Recently many users have been asking about Cuban bread and French bread. If you’re also interested in using these items in your recipe, then the following details will help you with a better picture. 

Cuban Bread vs French Bread

Cuban Bread

Even though many people believe that Cuban bread is made from a special baking method, it still brings the basic white bread flavor and texture to your recipe. The main ingredients in this type of bread are quite similar to French bread, and you won’t notice any flavor differences while relying on Cuban bread. With that said, the increased amount of lard in this bread makes it more flavorful and better suited for users that are looking for more strength in their recipe. 

Just like the French bread, you will find the Cuban bread in the form of long loaves. However, the texture might vary by a little margin. So, you won’t have any difficult time setting french bread apart from Cuban bread. Many users have said that the best way to identify the type of bread is by checking the firmness of the loaf along with the crispiness of the surface. So, you should follow a similar approach if you can’t seem to set Cuban bread apart from French bread. 

The freshness of this bread plays a huge role in determining the final flavor of the recipe. So, you shouldn’t always try to source a fresh piece instead of buying a loaf that was made two days ago. Otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit from the flavorful texture that this bread will bring to your recipe. 

All in all, the unique thing about Cuban bread is the use of lard in this recipe. It is one of the most famous bread types that users across the state like to use in their recipes. So, you should also experiment with this bread if you have not used any Cuban bread before. You will undoubtedly be able to create phenomenal recipes with this bread. 

French Bread

In terms of ingredients, French bread is quite similar to Cuban bread. You have the same basic ingredients that can be expected in any white bread recipe. The only difference is that you won’t find any lard in this type of bread. So, be sure to expect a sweet and mildly nutty flavor in this bread. With that said, French bread is one of the most famous substitutes that is used to replace Cuban bread in different recipes. This is why you will often notice users switch to this bread even when the recipe demands a Cuban bread loaf. 

This bread is better suited for users that don’t want to deal with the same flavor intensity as the Cuban bread. It is relatively light but still brings a good amount of richness to your recipe. So, you will be able to develop the perfect balance in your recipe. On top of that, the shape of this bread loaf is quite similar to the Cuban bread. 

The mildly sweet taste of this bread can be leveraged to create some phenomenal dishes. It is perfectly acceptable to substitute this bread for the Cuban variant and vice versa. The presence of lard does bring a difference in the heaviness of the bread, but overall, the flavor is quite manageable when you can’t get your hands on French Bread. 

All in all, French bread is one of the quality types that you can purchase from the bakery. To get the perfect piece for your cooking, make sure to ask for the fermentation period. The length of the fermentation period can directly impact the overall flavor of the bread, and you won’t have any difficult time with the dish. Hopefully, this information will help you pick the perfect option for your meal. 

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