4 Common Courant Pizza Maker Problems (Troubleshooting)

courant pizza maker problems
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courant pizza maker problems

You need to have a Courant pizza maker if you want to enhance your pizza experience. Out of all the kitchen appliances, you have to invest in a pizza maker. We promise you won’t regret it. There are multiple Pizza makers in the market, but Courant is undoubtedly among some of the best pizza makers in the market.

A pizza maker is very much like a pancake maker. Having two heating elements, one on the top and one on the bottom. Both the heating elements simultaneously heat the pizza, this way the pizza gets cooked evenly.

The pizza makker comes with a non-stick pan that makes sure that the pizza doesn’t get stuck to the tray. In the case of a non-sticked pan, the pizza can easily get stuck to the bottom of the tray if you overcook it. The Courant Pizza maker like most pizza makers is very user-friendly and easy to operate. Before you start using your Courant Pizza maker, we advise that you properly read the user instruction manual. Each pizza maker comes with an instruction manual, the main purpose of this manual is to give users a proper understanding regarding how to operate the pizza maker.

Courant Pizza Maker Problems

Here are a few issues that you could face while using your pizza maker.

1) Pizza getting burned?

First of all, stop panicking if your pizza is coming out burned. This doesn’t mean you’re an awful cook. At times, the settings get messed up and the pizza ends up coming out burned. Before you second judge your pizza-making skills, look over the settings again. Did you set the pizza maker to a slightly high temperature?

Each pizza maker has different settings, make sure you read the instruction manual and adjust the settings accordingly. Next, check your pre-heating settings and adjust them as well. Preheating is very important when it comes to cooking with a pizza maker. The ideal preheating time varies from 10-15 minutes while other pizza makers require more time. A preheated pizza maker makes a better pizza as compared to a pizza maker that’s not properly preheated.

2) Pizza coming out undercooked?

If you think a burned pizza is the worse thing that can happen to you, time to reconsider. At times, the pizza comes out undercooked no matter how many times you put it back in the pizza maker.  The main reason why pizzas come out undercooked is that the pizza maker is no longer retaining heat. If the heating elements are damaged, the pizza dough no longer gets the required amount of heat.

Another reason why your pizza is coming out undercooked could be because you’re not properly closing the lids. If the lids are not intact the heat skips out and the pizza will come out undercooked.

3) Pizza maker not heating properly?

Have you been noticing that your pizza maker is not getting as heated as it usually does? If that’s the case, time to give the thermostat a check. The thermostat manages the temperature inside an appliance.

In case of a heating issue, the thermostat needs to be inspected. If you’re not capable enough to judge an electrical appliance, always ask for help. Call a qualified electrician or someone who works for the official company. Always make sure you’re buying your pizza maker from a reliable vendor or the official website. If you’re ordering from a third party you might lose your chance of availing a warranty card or a replacement deal.

4) Is the pizza maker not turning on?

At times, the pizza maker won’t turn on at all. This is usually a common problem faced by most users. In that case, there are two things you have to check. First, is the pizza maker getting enough electricity? Since most pizza makers operate on electricity it is necessary to supply an ample amount of electricity to the pizza maker.

Next, check if the socket you’re plugging the pizza maker in is functional. At times the socket is not working and this is why the pizza maker won’t turn on.

Don’t forget to check the cord, in case of any damage to the cord the pizza maker won’t turn on. If you think you’re not capable enough to judge what’s wrong, don’t think twice before asking seeking professional help.

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