Do Corian Cutting Boards Dull Knives?

corian cutting boards dull knives
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corian cutting boards dull knives

The cutting boards have made an essential position in our lives (or kitchens, as we may say). Some people might know them as chopping boards which are used for cutting the veggies and other food ingredients without harming the countertops.

There are different materials of cutting boards available in the market but Corian cutting boards dull knives is a common issue and we are talking about it.

Do Corian Cutting Boards Dull Knives?

When it comes down to the Corian cutting boards, they aren’t designed to harm the knives or don’t have the capacity to. This is because the knives won’t be harmed if you use the right cutting motion. To illustrate, cutting the fruits, meats, and vegetables must be ensured in the slicing motion to ensure there is no harm to the knives and these knives are not dulled.

Some people tend to use heavy-handed chopping and it can wear out any knife, irrespective of what cutting boards you are using. For this reason, Corian cutting boards cannot harm the knives or dull them if you use the right cutting motion. However, Corian is often considered to be the harder board which means it has slow scuffing (it will retain the appearance for a longer time).

That being said, Corian has the capacity to dull the knives quicker as compared to other materials. For preventing this issue, it’s better that you utilize the slicing motion because it protects the knives’ blade against dulling. To summarize, Corian cutting boards can dull the knives if you use heavy-handed chopping instead of slicing motion.

Additional Information About Corian Cutting Boards

For the most part, these cutting boards look like kitchen counters (the ones that are popular in Florida). Even more, some people have been getting their cutting boards made from the left-over materials of counters. Truth be told, these cutting boards aren’t preferred by chefs and cooks because they have quicker wear and tear and can stain pretty quickly.

In addition, the surface of these cutting boards is too hard for the knives which result in knife dulling. Some people argue that they can always sharpen the blade but it’s too much when you’ve better cutting board options available. In the section below, we are sharing information about the pros of Corian cutting boards because it’s important to consider them;

  • These cutting boards are available in more than a hundred colors with compelling and advanced patterns
  • There is no need for sealing because this material has a non-porous structure
  • Corian cutting boards are easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, the seams on these cutting boards are almost invisible
  • These cutting boards can be designed in the preferred shape and the material can always be polished for illuminated appearance
  • The cutting board is extremely affordable

Now that we have shared the pros of using the Corian cutting boards, we are sharing information about the cons of the cutting boards (other than their capacity to dull the knives). So, have a look!

  • This material is prone to scratching and has chances of denting
  • It cannot handle the heat and it can be burned by hot pans
  • It can be discolored
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