9 Best Substitutes For Cherry Baking Chips

cherry baking chips substitute
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cherry baking chips substitute

If you are fond of baking, you would know that baking chips are absolutely important. Be it for making cookies or bread, the baking chips are absolute delights. The baking chips are available in various flavors and cherry baking chips are equally delicious. For this reason, we are sharing the cherry baking chips substitute as they aren’t readily available. So, let’s have a look!

Cherry Baking Chips Substitute

1) Cherry Liqueur

To begin with, if you only want to add the cherry baking chips for adding the cherry flavor, you can opt for the cherry liqueur. The cherry liqueurs are readily available at the grocery stores, but if you have the liqueur store nearby, that will serve the purpose perfectly. However, keep in mind that cherry extracts aren’t made from real cherries but the artificial flavor will be optimal enough. As a result, you will be able to add the cherry flavor without adding the actual fruit.

2) Cherry Candy Flavor

If you are a dessert lover and want to add the cherry flavor to your brownies, cookies, or cakes, opt for the cherry candy flavor. This flavor can be easily found in the baking aisle (around vanilla essence, maybe). For substituting the flavor through the cherry flavor, only use three to four drops of the flavor as they are rich in taste. In addition to the flavor, you can also opt for the real cherry extract if it’s readily available. Keep in mind that cherry extract will offer a fine combination of tartness and sweetness.

3) Fruit Spread

If you were baking cakes or muffins that had cherry baking chips as the essential ingredient, you can switch to the fruit spread. However, keep in mind that you must use the cherry fruit spread to ensure a similar flavor and taste. With cakes, you can add the cherry fruit spread between the cake layers. On the other hand, you can also mix the cherry fruit spread to muffin batter before baking them. The cherry fruit spread is readily available at the grocery store.

4) Radish Chips

There are some people who don’t want to add the cherry flavor but only the color. So, if you want to add the cherry baking chips-like appearance or texture, you can opt for the cinnamon sugar radish chips. These chips obviously deliver the same color and appearance as cherry baking chips but the flavor will be different. However, the taste or flavor will be sweet for sure.

5) Dry Cherries

Well, if you cannot find the cherry baking chips for completing your dessert recipe, what can be better than cherries? With this being said, you cannot use the fresh cherries in muffins (of course) but opting for dried cherries will be fine. These dried cherries will perfectly compliment the taste of baking recipes that demanded cherry baking chips. On top of everything, the texture or appearance will be similar.

6) Canned Cherries

If the dry cherries aren’t available, you could try opting for the canned cherries. These cherries are usually canned after taking out the seeds, so using them in the baking recipes will be easier. If you cannot add the size of canned cherries, bake them for a few minutes, so the size will be reduced. As a result, you will be able to use canned cherries of the right size; make whatever you want, ranging from cakes to cookies and muffins.

7) Chokecherries

For everyone who wants to add a slight hint of tartness to their baking recipes, you could try opting for chokecherries. This is because the flavor will be similar to the cherries, hence the flavor. However, if you want to substitute the cherry baking chips with chokecherries, it’s better to use the almond extract it because it balances the flavor.

8) Maple Cinnamon Parsnip Chips

For everyone baking something with cherry baking chips but cannot find them, they can opt for maple cinnamon parsnip chips because it adds a similar flavor and color. However, whichever recipe you use it for, you need to use brown sugar with it.

9) Cherry Chocolate Chips

So, what if you cannot find the cherry baking chips? You can always opt for cherry chocolate chips, right? With this being said, buy the cherry chocolate chips along with vanilla extract.

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