4 Reasons Why Chefman Air Fryer Is Not Turning On

chefman air fryer not turning on
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chefman air fryer not turning on

Chefman is one of the best companies which provides you quality products. Their products are reliable, durable, and, most importantly, they are work efficient.

But, like other mortal things, these products also last only for a specific period. After it, you will face certain issues. These issues can quickly be resolved with a little effort applied. In this article, we will focus on the Chefman Air fryer’s not turning on issue. So, stay here till the end if you are facing the same issue.

Why My Chefman Air Fryer is not turning on?

There can be specific reasons if your air fryer is not turning on. It can be a small issue that you can resolve in minutes, or it can be as big that it will lead you to change your air fryer. Below, we mention some of the most common issues and their solution that will undoubtedly help you turn on your Chefman Air Fryer again.

  1. Power Problem

The most common issue that you will find in any of the electronic devices will relate to power issues to some extent. Whenever the device is out of order; there are great chances of a bad power connection. So, if your Chefman Air Fryer is not turning on, try changing your air fryer’s power cord. There are great possibilities that it will start to work again. If not then try other methods mentioned in the article.

  1. Circuit May have Burned

There may be no such issue with your air fryer. But, the real issue can be with the circuit with which the power cord is attached. Sometimes, low-quality wiring leads to the circuit burn, which won’t provide power to your device. So, do check your power providing circuit before you go on to repair or change your air fryer.

  1. Timer is on

Some of the most dreadful mistakes you can make while mourning over your out of order air fryer is that you may have left the timer on. The reason why your air fryer is not turning on can be due to the timer. When the timer runs before you turn on the fryer, the fryer will not turn on.

  1. Mismatch Adapter

Another most common reason why your air fryer is not turning on is the mismatch power outlet and adapter. The power outlets may vary in size. So, if it is about a power outlet, then try buying a new adapter.


If you are here after this article, then it is quite sure that you know what to do with your out or order air fryer. In the article, we have provided you some of the best solutions for making your air fryer better again. if your air fryer is not turning on, then try using these methods. If your issue isn’t yet resolved, then try calling Chefman Customer Service Center.

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