Can You Substitute Grits For Cornmeal?

can you substitute grits for cornmeal
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can you substitute grits for cornmeal

Cornmeal is a meal from either ground yellow or white corn with different consistencies ranging from fine to coarse grounds but not as fine as wheat. This common staple food is highly nutritious, and it forms a uniform texture through steel rollers.

It is also used as crispy rust on different proteins like chicken, fish, etc. Grits, on the other hand, is a type of cornmeal. It has become an integral part of breakfast and other side dishes.

Can You Substitute Grits For Cornmeal?

If you have a cornmeal shortage, then you might be wondering can you substitute grits for cornmeal? We are here to answer your query.

When you are making corn products like cornbread, its best alternative is grits. They have a thicker consistency than traditional white cornmeal. Many people love the coarse and grainy texture. However, others do not prefer this texture.

Thus, you should add grits in slightly less amount specifically for liquid dishes. For example, if you want to make porridge, grits can make it thicker than the desirable form. We would suggest using three-fourth of the cornmeal quantity.

If you want to substitute grits for cornmeal, then grind it into fine products. This would reduce the need of keeping in mind the coarse grit consistency.


These are also versatile, so have many uses in cooking and baking. It is not only breakfast food but also a part of lunch and dinner. Grits have now become a foundation for seafood, meat, and various sauces. You could use regular or hominy grits depending on the recipe.

You can make various types of dishes that include cornmeal like pancakes, sable cookies, corn muffins, and ricotta cake.

Taste And Texture

Grits and corn come from the same part of a corn plant. The taste is similar but not the texture. Cooked grits are smooth yet thick, along with a mild flavor. Grits get the taste of the ingredients you add to them. Usually, grits are cooked with some salt, cheese of your choice, and butter.

Health Benefits

Cornmeal contains a high amount of carbs that will eventually lead to a quick boost of energy. It contains a good fiber quantity. It will lead to a better digestive process. If you are short on iron, cornmeal can fulfill some of your dietary needs too. Grits are a powerhouse of iron. They will prevent you from anemia. If you are already anemic, add grits to your regular diet. Grits are famous to improve eye health because of the antioxidants present in grits. If you suffer from celiac disease, gluten-free grits will work for you.

Thus, the simple answer is yes. Grits are the ideal substitute for cornmeal. The taste is alike, but the texture is not. Both of them are equally versatile making them a great choice for many recipes. You should keep in mind the coarse nature of grits. Adjust accordingly, try with a small amount first and increase slowly. Else, you can grind cornmeal into fine powder. The health benefits are slightly different. We conclude you can substitute grits for cornmeal easily.

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