Can You Put Pyrex In Air Fryer? – Caution!

Can You Put Pyrex In Air Fryer?
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Can You Put Pyrex In Air Fryer?

Even though many new glassware brands have joined the market with phenomenal products, the market sentiment is still heavily tilted toward the Pyrex portfolio.

This brand has dominated the glassware market for many years with its wide range of oven-proof and dishwasher-safe products.

However, the price point on this brand is somewhat higher than the standard rate in the market. So, you’ll need to set aside an appropriate budget to include this brand in your setup.

Air fryers have taken the world by storm and are the new countertop gadget that everyone is talking about. They’re certainly a healthier way to cook than deep frying. In fact, the name is a bit of a misnomer because air fryers don’t fry food at all.

They simply circulate hot air around the food to give a crispy crust that’s usually only achieved when deep frying. The appliance is more energy efficient than a regular oven and doesn’t take up much space on your countertop.

A question that users often ask is whether or not it is safe to put Pyrex in an air fryer. If you’re worried about the same thing, then the following details on Pyrex glassware will help you make appropriate decisions on using Pyrex in the air fryers.

Can You Put Pyrex In Air Fryer?

If your Pyrex glassware is safe for oven use (as most is), then it can be used in an air fryer. However, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind before you put the Pyrex container into the air fryer.

The first thing that you should note down is the thermal capacity of the glassware. Along with that, you need to keep track of the thickness of the glass container.

Both of these factors play a role in determining the durability of your glassware in an air fryer. So, as long as the air fryer temperature is within the thermal capacity of the glassware, there shouldn’t be any issues.

With that said, you should know that the temperature inside an air fryer is extremely volatile and goes up rapidly. On the other hand, the temperature gradually increases towards a higher point.

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So, this feature of an air fryer can cause your glassware to crack and get damaged. For this reason, it is best to preheat the glassware and then use it in the air fryer. Doing this will minimize the risk of cracking, and you won’t have to worry about the food.

Even though the majority of Pyrex items are oven safe, you should verify this claim before using the Pyrex items in the air fryer. You can either inquire from the dealer or look for the oven-safe stamp on the bottom of the container.

This will help you decide whether or not it is safe to use this item in your air fryer. If you can’t find an oven-safe stamp on this glassware, then it is best to avoid the risk and rely on other containers to use in your air fryer.

If you don’t want to risk using your Pyrex dishes in the air fryer, you may be wondering what you can use.

What Cookware Should You Use in an Air Fryer?

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While picking containers for your air fryer, you should focus primarily on using items that have a high thermal capacity. Look for cookware branded “air fryer safe.”

Failing this, go for ceramics, metal, silicone, or ovenproof glassware. In fact, anything that you use in the oven can be used in the air fryer.

It is best not to use baking paper or tin foil unless you weigh it down with the food as it can blow around, stick to the heating element and burn. It can also reduce airflow.

Please don’t use plastic or wood (an air fryer is more like an oven than a microwave).

To conclude, as long as your Pyrex dish, jug, or bowl is ovenproof, it may be used in the air fryer. If you prefer to use something else, pick anything that you would normally use in the oven.

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