Can You Put Ginger In a Garlic Press?

can you put ginger in a garlic press
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can you put ginger in a garlic press

Playing around with kitchen tools and gadgets can be exciting and it even makes cooking fun. One such kitchen gadget is a garlic press, so people can chop the garlic easily without making their hands smell like you showered in garlic. However, people have been asking, “can you put ginger in a garlic press?” and we have the details available!

Can You Put Ginger In a Garlic Press?

To be honest, the majority of us own the garlic press but they have been shoved to the back of the utensil drawers in the kitchen. For this reason, people often consider if garlic press can be used for other purposes. Well, the short answer is that the garlic press is extremely versatile and it can be used for various purposes other than pressing garlic.

That being said, the garlic press can be used for juicing and crushing the ginger. What’s most interesting is that multiple garlic press manufacturers tend to add crushing ginger as a secondary feature in their gadgets. In addition, the majority of garlic presses can be used for crushing nuts and onions. However, you need to be particular about how you add ginger into the press.

To illustrate, it’s best that you peel the ginger before it’s placed in the garlic press to ensure nothing gets stuck. In addition, when you add the peeled ginger into the garlic press, just squeeze it and the juiced or crushed ginger will come out. For the most part, it can excrete out the ginger juice (it will be extremely concentrated) and you can throw out the squeezed-out ginger.

Additional Information On Garlic Press

The garlic presses have become essential for professional chefs as well as home cooks because it’s a time-efficient option. The garlic presses are designed to crush the garlic even if the garlic is unpeeled. Keep in mind that the peel will remain inside the garlic press and it has to be removed after one or two cloves pass through them.

In addition to crushing the garlic, the garlic press can be used for crushing the onions. For this purpose, you must remove the peel and the onion has to be cut into smaller pieces so they can fit into the press. Then, you can squeeze the press and you will receive the minced onions within a few seconds. As for the consistency of crushed onions, it depends on the onion type.

Thirdly, the garlic press is suitable for crushing as well as juicing the ginger. The users must peel the ginger and cut it into smaller pieces to ensure it fits into the garlic press, and just close your press. The outcome generally depends on the hydration and fibrous nature of the ginger. However, the outcome can be crushed ginger or ginger juice.

Last but not least, garlic press can be used for processing nuts and smaller seeds. With the garlic press, you must not overfill the press to ensure the outcome is consistent.

The bottom line is that ginger can be crushed and juiced in the garlic press but it’s best to read the product description. This is because not every garlic press can handle ginger, so read the features properly!

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