Using Your Pressure Cooker on an Induction Stove

Using Your Pressure Cooker on an Induction Stove
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Using Your Pressure Cooker on an Induction Stove

There are many reasons why people opt to invest in induction stoves. Induction stoves come with an array of benefits that can prove convenient in any demanding modern kitchen. Induction stoves can be an excellent choice for many applications. However, what you may not know is that it is absolutely possible to use pressure cookers on an induction stove, safely and efficiently.

Can Pressure Cooker be used on an Induction Stove and Electric Stove?

Cooking with a pressure cooker on induction stoves is easy. But there are some things that you have to keep in mind.

How is pressure cooking on induction stoves different?

Induction burners differ from other conventional burners and cookers in numerous ways. Most induction cooktops require specially designed cookware and it is all impacted by how induction cooktops transmit heat. Induction stoves work when a magnetic field is created, then transfers heat directly to the heated item; your pressure cooker.

Induction stoves are fast and efficient. This means that pressure cookers on the stove will heat faster and more evenly compared to other burners. When placed on an induction stove, the pressure cooker will heat up as soon as the pressure cooker and the magnetic fields from the induction stove make contact. Therefore, the boiling point of water in your pressure cooker rise twice as fast as to when using a regular burner.

If you are not careful about regulating temperatures, induction stoves can cause your food to scorch – owing to the excessive heat concentrated at the bottom of the pressure cooker. The goods news is that induction stoves typically return to normal temperature much faster than other cooktops. This will reduce the chances of an accident occurring with your pressure cooker. It also allows you to use the pressure cooker safely.

When using your pressure cooker on an induction stove, there are certain things that you should remember:

  • Induction stoves heat up quickly and efficiently. You do not have to reheat your appliance when it is ready for use.
  • If you want to bring your cooker to pressure, make sure to set the cooker to medium heat.
  • Remember to make adjustments and keep cooking in order to maintain sufficient pressure in the pressure cooker.
  • Utilize the induction stove’s timer to shut off the heat automatically. This will prevent burning your food.

How are electric stovetops different?

Unlike induction stoves, electric stoves do not utilize electromagnetic fields. Instead, electric cooktops produce electric currents that flow through the metal coil situated underneath the glass-ceramic surface of the cooker. Electric cooktops do not heat up as quickly as induction stoves do. Although they do allow the consistent flow of heat and energy. Thus heat becomes more confined to the cooking zone before being evenly transmitted to the pressure cooker when using electric stovetops.

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