Can A Rice Cooker Be Use As A Slow Cooker? (Answered)

can a rice cooker be used as a slow cooker
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can a rice cooker be used as a slow cooker

Over time, the utilization of electronic cooking appliances has increased exponentially. Consequently, slow cookers and rice cookers have become an absolute necessity. This is because users need to cook different dishes. However, if you don’t have a slow cooker to make some dishes, one might be wondering, “can a rice cooker be used as a slow cooker?” we have the answers for you!

Can A Rice Cooker Be Use As A Slow Cooker?

Using Rice Cooker As A Slow Cooker

Sure, we understand that rice cookers aren’t designed to serve the purpose of slow cookers, but it can be used as a substitute sometimes. We are saying this because you can always make some tweaks to use the rice cookers as slow cookers. For instance, you can also make the huge pork roasts in the rice cooker if you cannot find the slow cooker.

There are multiple yet diverse settings added to the rice cookers, such as the warm pot feature. With this being said, you can add the gravy ingredients in the rice cooker to make a paste. Once you have added all the ingredients, you can use the normal rice-cooking cycle and shift to the warming settings after harnessing the boiling temperature.

After this setting shift, you can just let the rice cooker do its work according to the dishes. In contrast, if you are cooking something that needs frequent checking, the rice cooker cannot be worked as a substitute for the slow cooker. We are saying this because the rice cooker takes time to build up the heat and won’t be suitable to ensure tender cooking. The bottom line is that you can use rice cookers as a substitute for slow cookers but only for some particular dishes.

Difference Between Slow Cookers & Rice Cookers

There are multiple differences involved between the rice cookers and slow cookers, such as heat distribution and types of food they can cook. So, in this section, we have outlined some significant differences for better understanding.

1. Heat Settings

The slow cookers are designed with three major heat settings, such as low, medium, and high. The low heat setting has a temperature ranging around 200-degrees Fahrenheit while the high heat settings have around 300-degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the medium heat setting will range somewhere between these temperature thresholds.

As for the rice cookers, they aren’t designed with multiple heat settings. With this being said, the rice cookers can be used to cook the dishes like grains and rice will be better. All in all, rice cookers offer quick cooking.

2. Size

Okay, so there is no rule of thumb involved with the size of slow cookers and rice cookers because they vary according to the demand and need. As for the slow cookers, they are available in sizes ranging from one quart to eight quarts. On the other hand, the rice cookers are available in sizes according to the cup, such as two cups, eight cups, or ten cups. The bottom line is that there are multiple sizes available which can be outlined according to your needs.

3. The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that rice cookers can be used as the slow cookers if you are mindful about the cooking times and the ingredients. So, when you are trying out this substitute method?

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