7 Best Substitute For Cake Batter Extract

Cake Batter Extract Substitute
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Cake Batter Extract Substitute

Baking cakes is one of the most amazing activities out there, but you need the right ingredients to bake a perfect cake that has an amazing flavor. One such ingredient is cake batter extract which adds a sweet aroma and appealing taste of cake batter to different desserts. These extracts are suitable for flavoring cheesecake, gelato, cupcake batter, frosting, and buttercream. However, if you don’t have access to this extract, we are sharing the cake batter extract substitutes.

Cake Batter Extract Substitute

1. Purees

This is one of the best substitutes if you are fine by adding fruit flavor to the desserts just like cakes. That being said, you can opt for fruit purees but keep in mind that they will add the water content of eggs to the desserts. In the majority of cases, people choose pumpkin puree because it’s pretty obvious that it will add pumpkin flavor to your desserts. In addition to the pumpkin puree, you can also use mashed bananas, applesauce, and avocados. All in all, fruit purees are perfect for adding nice color to the desserts with the hearty flavor of the cake. On the other hand, remember that using mashed bananas will add the banana bread flavor rather than the cake flavor.

2. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is one of the most common household ingredients out there, and it can be added to desserts for adding improved flavor to the desserts. This is only suitable if you are ready to use maple flavor in your cakes. For those who don’t know, maple syrup is made from the xylem sap of commonly available sugar maple trees, black maple trees, or red maple trees. However, if you want to go ahead with this cake batter extract substitute, you need to use less sugar to make sure the dessert doesn’t come out extra sweet.

3. Vanilla Essence 

Made from synthetic compounds, vanilla essence is one of the most flavorful substitutes for cake batter extract. It is a synthetic liquid that has a flavor similar to vanilla, but there won’t be any real vanillin in this essence. Vanilla essence is perfect for people who like to flavor their cakes with vanilla flavor but want to keep the real color of the baked cakes. This is because it has a light color, less complicated flavor, and thin texture as compared to cake batter extract. On top of everything, this is a commonly available option and won’t cost a fortune. As far as the substitution amount is concerned, you need to use 2x of vanilla essence for one teaspoon of cake batter extract.

4. Almond Extract

If you like the basic flavor of cake and don’t mind a slightly nutty flavor, you can opt for the almond extract to flavor your dessert. Almond extract is likely to have a pure and sweet flavor, but it’s also more potent, which goes with different dessert recipes, including chocolate, cherry, and coffee desserts. This is why you must keep the usage low, or the dessert will come out too bitter.

5. Vanilla Powder

As the name suggests, vanilla powder is the unaltered and pure powder of vanilla beans and is a fine substitute for cake batter extract. It will be able to hold the high heat of cooking and baking desserts without compromising on the flavor of recipes. The best thing about using vanilla powder is that you don’t need to worry about adding liquid to the powder to use for desserts.

6. Vanilla Syrup 

This is yet another vanilla-flavored substitute, and it’s more suitable because it reminds people of cakes. You can easily get your hands on vanilla syrup from any grocery store, but you can also make it on your own by opening the vanilla pod and scraping out the content, and cooking it with sugar and water. On the contrary, if you don’t have vanilla-flavored coffee pods, you can purchase premade syrup from the store.

7. Cake Flavored Milk

Cake flavored milk might be hard to find, but you can always do your research to make sure the desserts taste just like cakes. However, since it is milk, you need to be careful about its usage because it can change the overall texture of your dessert. In addition to cake-flavored milk, you can also use vanilla-flavored milk, almond milk, or soy milk.

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