2 Common Brick Oven Pizza Maker Problems (Troubleshooting)

brick oven pizza maker problems
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brick oven pizza maker problems

There are certain ways to make a pizza, but Brick Oven remains the most authentic and preferred by the pizza lovers who want to enjoy the right experience with their Pizza that is not only delicious as they want it to be, but a lot more tender and yummier as well. Brick oven is the right Italian way to ensure that you can get it done correctly but you certainly need to ensure that you have the right expertise as well to use a Brick Oven Pizza for getting the pizza cooked in the right manner.

The brick oven pizza maker doesn’t cause you any problems usually, but you need to know how to operate it in the right manner to avoid any issues with your pizza and the baking experience. There are a few common problems that you might encounter while using a brick oven pizza and you have to ensure that you are educating yourself properly before trying out something highly complicated such as the brick oven pizza maker. A few such problems that you will might come across and their common solutions are:

Brick Oven Pizza Maker Problems

1) Excessive Smoke/Smokey Taste

You might have to face excessive smoke with the Brick oven Pizza makers or there might be a taste of smoke on the pizza while you try eating that up. There can be a number of reasons behind this and a few things that can help you avoid such problems would be:

Use The Right Wood

You will have to make sure that you are using the right wood that doesn’t produce too much smoke. Not only that you need to get the right type of wood, but you will also have to ensure that you are using proper wooden logs, instead of some branches or cracking woods and that will burn properly without getting too much smoke. Not only that, but you will need to keep the fire right and keep feeding it the wood logs whenever you feel like there are some coals inside. This way, you can ensure that there is not much smoke and you will avoid the problems with smoke as well.

Check The Leakages

The upper part of the brick oven pizza needs to be sealed properly and should not have any sort of leakages that might cause the smoke or fire to go on the upper portion where your pizza contents are being cooked. So, if you are getting this sort of problems and you are using the right wood with no coals, there might be some point where smoke can be leaking from the lower compartment to the upper one. You will have to ensure that the surface is built and there are no leakages, and repair if you find any such problems and that will certainly be going to fix up the problem that you are facing with the Brick oven pizza maker with the smoke on it.

2) Not Cooking Evenly

Another common problem that people have to encounter with the Brick Oven pizza maker is that the pizza is not cooked evenly and you might feel like some parts are overcooked or undercooked as compare to the other parts. This is not something that big of an issue and here is how it can be fixed up.

Spread The Fire Evenly

The most common mistake while using a Brick Oven Pizza Maker is to make the fire focused in the center and that can cause you to have uneven cooking problems with your pizza. In order to havev that problem solved, you will have to ensure that you are spreading the fire evenly and that it is not being focused in the center only. This way, you can ensure that the heat is being spread evenly to all parts of the pizza and you can get the rightly cooked pizza without any issues like that.

Check The Surface

You also have to make sure that the surface is even and that it doesn’t have any sort of irregularities on it. So, you will need to repair the surface and make it evenly smooth if you find it to have any sort of bumps on it. After you get that sorted out, you will be able to use the Brick Oven Pizza maker without such issues.

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