2 Common Breville Pizza Maker Problems (Troubleshooting)

breville pizza maker problems
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breville pizza maker problems

Breville is an Australian brand that manufactures small home appliances and is known for their blenders, coffee machines, toasters, and some other kitchen appliances that you can use for a variety of applications and making the whole kitchen experience smoother and convenient for you. They are pretty sturdy and the quality on all these appliances is pretty good as well with no major problems at all. They are also manufacturing some of the best pizza makers in the market that will help you get the best possible experience with your pizzas.

There are several designs for the pizza makers from Breville that you can choose according to your preference and the cooking style you might have. These pizza makers will work years and years without causing you any major troubles at all or dying on you. Despite all these cool features and exceptional durability that you get with these Pizza Makers from Breville, there are certain common problems as well that you might encounter and need to fix them up. A few such common problems and their solutions would be:

Breville Pizza Maker Problems

1) Knobs Getting Stuck Or Too Loose

There are a couple of knobs on all the Breville pizza makers that allow you to set the temperature and timer for your pizza to be cooked. You can also use these knobs to preheat the pizza maker and other such applications and enjoy the most convenient experience that you seek from them. However, at times you might feel the knobs to be too loose or getting stuck and here are a few things that you will have to do in order to get that fixed.


There might be some dust or dirt stuck in the knobs that might be causing you to face this problem, or there might be some oil or other greasy components inside the knobs that can cause the knobs to move freely and loose. You will have to make sure that you are properly taking care of the pizza maker from Breville, and cleaning it off every time you use that before storing it again. If you are getting this sort of problem, you will have to ensure that you are also cleaning it thoroughly, and use a damp cloth or some brush in order to solve all such problems for you. Once you have cleaned it up properly, you will not have to face any sort of problems like that on your Breville pizza maker.

Knob Replacement

Sometimes the issue is with your knobs and they might have broken inside that can cause you to have this problem. Since all the body of Breville pizza makers is made out of steel and these buttons and knobs are plastic, you will not face any other major problems except the knobs. If you are getting any such problem, you will have to replace the knobs with new ones and that is definitely going to help you out in solving the problem with these knobs without having any sort of troubles at all afterwards.

2) Frosty Glass

You also get glass on the Breville pizza makers. No matter if you get the round pizza maker like a pan or the rectangular one. You get a glass on the top and the side to peek inside the pizza maker and keep an eye on the contents inside. If the glass gets frosty, here are a few things that you will have to take care of.

Clean It Properly

There are certain components that you have to use in order to keep the glass clean and clear. It might get frosty due to scratches or some sort of grease inside that could be causing you the problems. You will need to wipe it clean every time after you use it. If that doesn’t help out, you will need to use those glass cleaning products and wipe it properly so that the frostiness is gone and after that it will look as good as new with no frost on the glass.

Replace The Glass

If you don’t take enough care of the glass, it can go bad beyond repair or cleaning and you will be left with a foggy or yellowish view and that is not hygienic as well. You will need to get the glass replaced with a new one to get rid of the problem.

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