5 Common Breville Bread Maker Problems (Troubleshooting)

breville bread maker problems
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breville bread maker problems

Breville bread makers are designed to make custom bread and come with an automatic dispenser for fruits and nuts. All you need to do is to put the ingredients required to make the bread inside the machine and it will take care of the rest for you. It does all the mixing and kneading required to make a perfect dough.

It does the baking automatically and provides you with beautiful golden-brown bread. It can make other food items too such as cakes, browns, etc. But sometimes, users face problems with the Breville bread maker while making their masterpieces. This article will provide you with some common bread maker problems and their solutions.

Breville Bread Maker Problems

  1. Burning Smell

Sometimes, users smell a burning odor while baking. This happens because flour or other ingredients have spilled inside the bread chamber. To get rid of this problem, stop the bread maker and thoroughly clean it after it cools down. Remove the spilled ingredients carefully with the help of a damp towel or a soft cloth.

Heating elements should also be cleaned with proper care and precautions by rubbing a soft, damp sponge on the heating element. Do not use any cleanser or cleaning agent with high chemicals in it. For further preventions, add the ingredients according to the desired needs.

  1. Kneading Blade Is Not Properly Kneading

If the paddle of the bread maker is not kneading properly, then make sure that the area is clean and free from any carbonized bread. Also, check if the kneading blade and the bread pan is installed properly. This can also happen if the ingredients are measured accurately and are not overfilled.

  1. The Dough Does Not Blend Properly

This can occur because of many reasons such as overfilled ingredients. Make sure that the ingredients are properly measured and added in proper proportions. Also, you can use a spatula to scrape the extra ingredients from the sides of the pan so that the ingredients can blend and mix properly. This is mostly needed when working with gluten-free or yeast-free dough as they are more wet than the normal dough. The dough may also not blend properly if the kneading blade or the kneading pan is not installed properly. Thus, proper installation of the kneading dough and the bread pan is necessary.

  1. Crust Color Is Too Light Or Too Dark

Even if the ingredients are added properly, users can still face problems regarding crust color being too light or too dark. Light crust color can result if the lid has been opened several times while baking. Doing this causes the heat to escape and decrease in the temperature inside the bread maker.

Therefore, it is recommended not to open the lid of the bread maker while baking. You can also choose a darker crust option from the settings for future option. On the opposite side, too dark crust can result if the sugar is added in  a high quantity. Decrease the sugar amount from the ingredients to the required amount. Also, choose lighter crust option in future when using the same recipe.

  1. The Bread Does Not Rise Properly

It may be caused by improper amount of yeast added to the dough. Also, if the yeast is expired, the bread cannot rise properly as the yeast does not activate. For this, use a proper yeast in a required amount according to the recipe and check the expiry date of the yeast and the flour.

Lifting the lid while baking decreases the temperature inside the bread maker as the heat escapes from the inside of the machine and affects the results by not providing the proper rise to the bread or under cooked bread. This also happens if the amount of water is high.

Using less water will help solve the problem. Furthermore, use less and cold water in warm temperatures or in a humid environment. This is because the room temperature affects the yeast inactivity and therefore, it may affect the quality of the bread and the bread may not rise properly.


This article provided you with solutions to the problems related to Breville Bread Maker. By following the instructions, you should not have to worry about them again.

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