Bradley Smoker Not Getting Hot: 3 Ways To Fix

bradley smoker not getting hot
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bradley smoker not getting hot

If you are someone who enjoys cooking for yourself. Then you should already know how important it is to prepare all the ingredients before you start cooking. Aside from this, gathering all the correct utensils can also be essential as it helps you in both speeding up the process and avoiding problems. One way to cook food or to give it a unique flavor, people decide to smoke it. 

This requires you to utilize a smoking grill which can be purchased from many different companies. One of the best ones that you can go for is Bradley Smoker. While the brand has amazing smoking equipment that you can use, there are still some issues that you can get with their devices.

One issue is that the Bradley smoker is not getting hot. If you are also running into the same problem then here are some simple steps to help you in getting rid of it.

Bradley Smoker Not Getting Hot

  1. Utilize the Vents

When trying to smoke food in your grill, the device not heating up can be quite annoying. Although, you should know that numerous factors can cause this issue. Considering this, there is no method to pinpoint what is causing the problem. This is why it is important that you carefully go through the steps provided to you so that your issue is fixed as soon as possible. The first thing that you should be checking is the vents on your smoker grill. 

These air vents are provided so that you can control the amount of heat within your device. If you were unaware of this then that might be why you were not able to heat your grill. Simply opening and closing the vents or changing how much they are opened will allow you to control the temperatures. Trying to guess what the current temperature in your grill is can be impossible to do on your own. 

This is why one option is that you place a meat thermometer on your grill to help you with noticing what temperature it is running at. You can then try opening the vents to let in additional oxygen. This will increase the temperature further while you can close down the vents for the opposite reaction.

While smoking food it is necessary that you keep the temperatures within a certain range. This is why you will have to constantly control the vents to ensure there are no problems.

  1. Add High-Quality Smoke wood

Sometimes when trying to use your smoke grill, the user might forget that they have to use pieces of wood to keep the flame burning. Using a higher quality wood will be a better option as it should even provide you with a unique flavor. Many people use woods from different trees to enhance the flavor of meat they want to smoke. 

Additionally, when putting the wood chips in your grill, you must soak them in a liquid. These saturated pieces of wood will last a much longer time and will keep the flame burning even higher. Some users even soak their wood chips in meat stock, wine, and juice to give the smoke an even better taste.

Whatever the case might be, you should make a habit of cleaning up your grill after you are done with using it. Furthermore, using good-quality wood in it will also help you in getting rid of your problem.

  1. Preheat and Don’t Peek

Finally, once you understand how the air vents can help in changing the temperature as well as how you can get your flame to last a long time. Another thing that should help you in heating your grill properly is that you preheat it before using it.

This should be done about an hour before you intend to use the grill. Furthermore, you should also put a bowl of water near the grill so that it can use all the oxygen to keep the flame healthy. Once all of this is done, the final thing that you should remember is not to peek while you are smoking food in your grill. This is essential as opening up the lid allows all the heat and smoke to escape the grill within seconds.

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