Bourgeat vs Mauviel: What’s The Difference?

bourgeat vs mauviel
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bourgeat vs mauviel

Pans and pots are essential for every kitchen but choosing the right one is equally important. This is because the quality of pans will directly influence the cooking performance and outcome. For the same reason, Bourgeat Vs. Mauviel has become the top query. In this article, you will find differences between both brands!

Bourgeat vs Mauviel

Matfer Bourgeat

The cookware with a Bourgeat stamp on it is the ultimate fine choice. They have designed a various range of cookware, such as copper cookware and stainless steel cookware. All in all, the stainless steel lining is a great feature that ensures that the lining doesn’t bubble over the course of time. The cookware is safe to be used up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty great. In addition, their lining allows users to use various metal pots.

People often argue that stainless steel construction will lead to ineffective conductivity but the layer is too thin with Bourgeat pans that it doesn’t impact the heating. Also, while we are talking about the pans, considering the handle is equally important. So, Bourgeat tends to use the cast-iron handle that’s incredibly durable and promises better control on cooking. With this being said, maneuvering the pans will be easier (you can even handle the pan with one hand).

 The handle has a huge base and is integrated with three rivets. As a result, the control will be enhanced. As far as the shape of cookware is concerned, they have used a sidewall with pans and pots which makes sure food doesn’t spill, hence better tossing. In addition, flipping the food will be easier. On the other hand, some people think that sidewalls in the pan make it difficult to access the food. However, better evaporation makes it easier to flip the food.

The lips of the pans are rolled which makes it easy to pour with. We are absolutely in love with the mirror finish of Bourgeat cookware that makes it look brilliant. The mirror finish will ensure that food doesn’t stick to the surface, but over time, it can result in marks and scratches. The brushed finish will ensure that food hardly sticks to the surface. All in all, the thickness of cookware will promise better performance.

When it comes down to the finish and fit, we have already mentioned the mirror finish that looks amazing. On the other hand, one needs to be mindful about the usage, so it doesn’t dull over time. In addition, we think that the sloping sidewall could be lower. The final verdict is that it’s a reliable choice.


For everyone who needs a fine cookware set, this Mauviel cookware set will be an amazing choice. To begin with, it has a beautiful design which will surely make it the star for you. The cookware is designed with the highest standards of quality and performance. The cookware is designed with an inner stainless steel layer that promises easier care and the durability will be top-notch. Some pots have 2.5mm copper construction that promises even and quick heat distribution.

Mauviel cookware is designed with a lifetime warranty which makes it suitable for people who need a promising and durable choice. The copper construction makes it great for heat and thermal conductivity. The best thing about Mauviel cookware is that it’s safe for healthy cooking which means your food will be protected from toxic chemicals. On the contrary, Mauviel cookware can be pretty expensive and is not suitable for higher temperature since it can adversely impact the color.

When it comes down to their copper cookware, it is usually integrated with other components that lead to higher versatility. In addition, the stainless steel or tin lining helps protect the food from toxic components or acids. If you opt for the tin lining, it will provide sufficient non-sticky (not hard enough as Teflon). On the other hand, the conductivity will be promising, resulting in an even cooking outcome. All in all, the cookware works efficiently and cooking will be faster.

The bottom line is that Mauviel and Bourgeat, both are promising cookware brands available in the market. Both of them have designed an extensive range of cookware but have their fair share of pros and cons. Also, if the mirror finish dulls over time, you can always get it repolished, right?

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