5 Common Bosch Induction Range Problems Troubleshooting

bosch induction range problems
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bosch induction range problems

Bosch is popular as one of the most reliable kitchen appliance brands, and being a German brand, it’s trusted all around the world. They have more than a century of experience in designing kitchen appliances but they have issues and problems just like others. So, if you are planning to invest in the induction range, we are sharing some Bosch induction range problems that you should know about!

How to Fix Bosch Induction Range Problems

1. Voltage Supply

When we are talking about the Bosch induction range, it’s important to outline that these appliances don’t know compromise. That’s because the slightest change in voltage will hinder the induction range’s ability to work and operate. In addition, it leads to an error code on the induction range. The simplest solution to this issue is contacting the professional. That’s because they will fix the components that got damaged due to a bad voltage supply. Moreover, you should call an electrician to fix the voltage supply of your home, so the problem doesn’t occur again.

2. Hot Cooking Panel

Sure, the induction range is meant to get hot but if the cooking panel is getting extra hot, it’s not normal and you need to look into it. With induction ranges, they are designed with specialized heat transfer methods which ensure that the cooking panel is safe to touch. So, if the cooking panel gets too hot, you need to remove the cookware, if any. Keep in mind that induction ranges work with specific cookware products, so be mindful about that. However, once you remove the cookware, the cooking panel will be back to normal temperature within a few seconds.

3. F8 Error Code

Many users have been complaining about this error code and it’s nothing but an alarm for rest. For the most part, this error code appears when you’ve been using the induction range for too long and it needs rest. However, in some cases, it’s because of a broken sensor. So, first of all, you should switch off the induction range for a few minutes and switch it on to see if the error code is still there. If it is, there is a sensor at fault and only a technician can fix that.

4. Shutting Down

This is yet another frustrating but common issue associated with the induction range. Generally, the induction range shuts down abruptly when it overheats (overheating is not suitable for any appliance). So, when the overheating is too much, the range will shut down automatically to prevent damage. For this reason, make sure that you give enough rest to the induction range. Also, when it starts shutting off, just let it be for an hour or two and start using it again after that. On the contrary, if the rest doesn’t resolve the shutting down issue, you have to call a technician.

5. Uneven Heating

When the induction range is not delivering even heating, it could be because you aren’t using the right cookware. So, it’s suggested that you buy induction-compliant cookware. However, if you already using the right cookware, the only option is to get it checked by a technician who is an expert at working with induction ranges.

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