6 Ways To Fix Bosch Dishwasher Not Drying

bosch dishwasher not drying
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bosch dishwasher not drying

In today’s modern world, a dishwasher is a really efficient appliance that helps the user in being able to both wash and dry their dishes in a simple and quick manner. Different companies provide users with a range of models for dishwashers that all come with unique features.

How to Fix Bosch Dishwasher Not Drying?

Bosch is one of the popular brands to offer dishwashers. Even though Bosch is a well-known brand when it comes to offering kitchen appliances as their products are durable and easy to use. However, certain users seem to think otherwise.

There have been a number of complaints made by users about experiencing difficulties while trying to operate the dishwasher. According to these users, the dishwasher manages to clean the dishes, but the dishes won’t dry at all.

If you are also experiencing a similar issue, then today’s article should be of great help. Through the article, we will be mentioning some of the most effective ways on how you can troubleshoot and fix the issue for good. So, let’s not waste any time further, and get right into it!

  1. Check the Settings of the Dishwasher

We recommend that you start troubleshooting the dishwasher by first checking the settings. There are multiple settings from which a user can normally choose. Each of these settings will make the dishwasher function slightly differently according to the settings being used.

What you need to make sure is that you have the heated drying setting selected as it should be able to help in drying the dishes. Settings like the air-dry setting won’t dry your dishes completely. Furthermore, “Rinse and hold” won’t dry the dishes at all. Ensure that you have selected the right mode for your dishes.

  1. Power Issues

Another likely reason why you may be facing issues with the dishwasher’s ability to dry your dishes could be due to the fact that there is some kind of power interruption during the process. In simpler words, while the dishwasher is in the process of drying your dishes, the power source may have been interrupted.

A few things that you will need to check is whether you have the dishwasher connected to a fully functional power supply. You can also test the power outlet by plugging in some other electrical appliance and see if it completely works or not.

Once you have checked the power, we also suggest that you take a look at the fuse box or circuit breaker of the house. It could be that a switch may have tripped. In that case, all you will have to do is to flip the switch back to its original position.

  1. Fault With Dishwasher’s Heating Element

The heating element of the dishwasher is usually located at the bottom of your dishwasher. The use of the heating component is to aid in heating up the dishes during the drying phase so the dishes can dry effectively. In case the heating component is faulty, the dishes you place inside the dishwasher won’t dry.

To fix this, you will first have to disconnect the power supply from the power source and take the power rack out. Thoroughly inspect the heating element. Notice if the component is burned or if there are any unusual spots inside the heating component.

Unfortunately, the components can’t usually be repaired. Also, keep in mind that newer models of the dishwasher seem to make use of the condensation drying process. If you have one of the newer models, then you won’t have to check the heating element.

  1. Checking the Drying Fan

The drying fan of the dishwasher is another important element of the dishwasher which is responsible for getting your dishes dried. In case the fan is not working, the dishes won’t dry completely. Hence, you will have also had to inspect the drying fan. To do so, disconnect your dishwasher from any power source.

Afterward, you will have to remove the main cover of the dishwasher and examine the fan. Try to move the fan through your hands to see if it can run without any issues. You might have to clean the fans. If it still does not work, then we’re afraid it might be in need of replacement.

  1. Refilling the Rinse Aid

If you didn’t have any luck so far, then it is recommended you try and check the tank of the dishwasher. The tank is filled with rinse aid which is precisely what you will have to check. Either there is no rinse aid in the tank, or the amount might not be enough for the dishes to dry properly.

In either way, all you have to do is to refill the tank with a rinse aid.

  1. Stacking Up Too Many Dishes

The last reason why your dishes might be having a harder time drying could be due to the reason that you have stacked up way too many dishes inside the dishwasher. It is possible that the dishwasher is not getting enough room for breath and water could be accumulating between the dishes and the cutlery.

This is why you will always have to make sure that you don’t put too many dishes inside the dishwasher. To fix the problem, simply ensure that you have enough room or space for your dishes so they can dry.

The Bottom Line:

Is your Bosch dishwasher not drying your dishes? The issue will require you to follow certain instructions that have been explained in the article mentioned above. If the issue seems to persist even after trying these instructions, then your best bet would be to contact customer support for further assistance on the matter.

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