Bluestar Oven Won’t Light: How To Fix?

bluestar oven won't light
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bluestar oven won’t light

If your Bluestar oven is not lighting, this could be due to some problems with your appliance. Wear and tear of appliances can result in the non-functionality of appliances. For resolving such issues, you have to troubleshoot to find the reason for the fault in the appliance.

A major problem reported by people is that their Bluestar oven won’t light. If you are facing trouble while lighting your oven, then this article will help you to resolve this matter.

Bluestar Oven Won’t Light

To find out the reasons why your oven is not lighting, you have to run a troubleshoot. Follow our guidelines to sought out the issue in your oven.

  • Check the supply lines of gas and igniter. If the top igniter is showing signs of working conditions, but the oven cavity is not lighting, then this could be due to a problem with the oven igniter. Gas supply lines are not at fault in this scenario.
  • Another problem with the lighting of your oven may be due to low gas. The oven doesn’t ignite with low gas. So, to resolve this you have to check the gas tank.
  • The igniter should be clean for the proper working of the oven. If the igniter of your oven has dirt, this might be why your oven is not lighting. To resolve this issue, you must clean the igniter. The debris in the pilot hole can also affect the supply of gas.
  • Also, check that the cooker values are switched on.
  • Locate the igniter of the oven and examine that it sparks or not. If the igniter is not giving you the clicking noise, it means that the igniter has to be replaced. This may be the reason why the oven is not lighting.
  • Look for other discrepancies in the oven like checking the wirings. If the wires are loose, tighten them with the help of a screwdriver.

Once you have diagnosed the issue or cause why isn’t your oven lighting, you should buy the replacement of the defective part. Else, you can ask the Bluestar service team to help you. You can also contact the repair person to solve this issue.

What if you are unable to detect the cause of the problem in your oven? Then there is no other way rather you have to inform the Bluestar company and ask for their help. You can use your warranty card if the due date has not yet been reached. Bluestar use and care manual is designed to ease the process of operating Bluestar oven. This can also assist you in tackling the issue you might face while using the Bluestar oven.


Try the above steps to identify the main problem in your Bluestar oven. If you can detect the faulty part, then try to replace it by contacting the Bluestar service team. Bluestar’s use and care manual are also beneficial to its customers as it contains all the necessary details and warnings that may cause a problem for lighting. Try to use this guide before using your Bluestar oven the first time.

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