Most Common Big Green Egg Hinge Problems & Solutions

big green egg hinge problems
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big green egg hinge problems

When it comes to using extensive and modern kitchen appliances, the Big Green Egg is still people’s favorite. Big Green Egg is used as a smoker, griller, and oven. You can cook a great variety of dishes using this giant home appliance. However, it is impossible that your BGE won’t get caught in any issue.

Many other handling issues such as hinge problems cause your Big Green Egg to have misaligned top and bottom which causes lifting the lid very difficult. The hinge problems of your BGE need a proper fix. In this article, we will walk you through some hinge problems and their solutions. Read on.

Most Common Big Green Egg Hinge Problems

One of the most common and annoying issues you would experience while cooking in your Big Green Egg is the improper alignment of top and bottom. The heat seeps away when the grill isn’t tightened properly. This makes your hot piping dish a little bit undercooked.

The slight under-biting and over-biting around the grill misalign the whole kitchen appliances. You can’t lift the griller’s lid smoothly when the hinge is loosened and nuts and bolts are missing.

You experience several shifts whenever you lift the lid of Big Green Egg which makes it hard to reclose the grill with the lid. The entire top and bottom alignment go out of shape as well which then requires you to continuously open and close the lid.

The main culprit of the lid lifting issue is loose bolts on your BGE’s hinge. When the bolt on any side of the hinge isn’t seated properly, there comes the hinge problems. However, the hinge issues are likely to be solved with an under-bite and over-bite adjustments.

Although if the adjustments didn’t work well, then you have to take further steps. First, let’s know how you solve the hinge problems of Big Green Egg.

How Do You Adjust The Hinge On Big Green Egg?

Facing lid issues is seasonal with Big Green Egg users. Many BGE problems root back to the hinge.

When you examine your Big Green Egg first and find out that the band is quite straight in the correct right position. But there is still a slight under-bite on the right side. Then it is high time you adjust the hinge to make it as straight as possible.

To adjust the hinge on your Big Green Egg, you don’t have to remove the whole bolts and nuts completely. All you need is to just loosen the nuts so you make the right adjustments and place the nuts in the required position.

However, if you are looking forward to pulling out the entire nuts and bolts. You will still have to make sure that the hinge is secured with either of the Big Green Egg’s factory spacers. These come with BGE. Although you can replace it with zip ties.

In the end, ensure that the hinge on your Big Green Egg isn’t loose anymore. You can ponder upon these solutions to fix hinge problems on Big Green Egg.

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