6 Best Substitutes For Bibb Lettuce

bibb lettuce substitutes
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bibb lettuce substitutes

Bibb lettuce, also known as the butter lettuce, from the Boston family of lettuces can easily be found all around the globe. They are dark green with delicate leaves. Bibb lettuces add a distinctive taste to your meal. Most supermarkets always stock up on all sorts of lettuces especially the Bibb lettuce. It is commonly used for salads, wraps, shawarma rolls, soups, and a lot of many recipes.

Many people who have easy access to kitchen gardens tend to grow their own Bibb lettuces. Lettuces add a wonderful crisp to food and are rich in nutrients providing one the necessary amount of daily fiber required. However, it can’t get your hands on some fresh Bibb lettuce, worry not. We’ve compiled a list of bibb lettuce substitutes you could use in your recipes.

Bibb Lettuce Substitutes

1) Iceberg Lettuce

The iceberg lettuce famously called the crisphead lettuce is the crispest of lettuces you’ll get your hands on. Unlike the Bibb lettuce, these are slightly pale. However, they add a wonderful crunch and tend to stay fresh for longer durations.

Iceberg lettuce requires a proper winter to harvest properly, so areas that experience a drop in temperature have the yummiest Iceberg. This lettuce is packed in fiber and rich in micronutrients, primarily Vitamin K, vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron.

2) Loose-leaf Lettuce

The loose-leaf lettuce has a distinctive color, unlike other lettuces, it shows diversity on the color spectrum, ranging from shades of pale green to reds and purples. Some Loose-leaf lettuces are even darker in color and grow in shades of black. Like the name says, these lettuces grow with their leaves loosely packed unlike the tight bulbs of iceberg lettuces. Having twice the amount of nutrition as compared to other lettuces; these are slightly less crispy.

However, if you plan on using Loose-leaf Lettuces as a substitute for Bibb Lettuces, keep in mind that they can’t hold as wraps or provide crisp to a juicy hamburger. But are wonderful alternatives for salads and soups.

3) Romaine Lettuce

The Romaine Lettuce, also called the Cos Lettuce grows in abundance all across North American. Having solid leaves with a slightly dark color this lettuce is a wonderful alternative to Bibb Lettuce. They can help hold food wraps in place for a longer duration. These tall lettuces can stay fresh for up to a few days. So, if you can’t get your hands on some Bibb Lettuce just grab Romaine lettuce, you won’t regret it.

Be mindful of soaking your Romaine lettuce in some baking soda and water, experts believe this lettuce tends to harbor bacteria that can get a little uncomfortable for the stomach.

4) Cabbage

Cabbage is consumed in various ways, from eating raw to steamed with other vegetables, sometimes sauteed and other times cooked in soups. Cabbages provide a wonderful filling and crisp taste. Don’t think twice if you’re planning to replace Bibb Lettuce with some fresh cabbage. The crunchy and crusty texture of Cabbage makes salads more delicious and provides all the important nutrients to stay healthy.

Cabbage can be found easily all around the season however has a shelf life lasting from 4-5 days. Make sure you’re using fresh cabbage to add the right amount of crustiness to your recipe.

5) Spinach

When it comes to crispy fresh green vegetables, spinach tends to top the list. Add a subtle flavor and providing a soft texture to salads and the right amount of green color to your recipe. Using a little spinach instead of Bibb lettuce for a cooked recipe is a great idea. Spinach is rich in nutrients and if cooked properly can enhance the flavor of your recipe. 

6) Parsley

Parsley which is commonly used as a herb adds wonderful flavor to food. Fresh parsley which is easily available can add a great filling to your food. However, not as crunchy as most lettuces are they can still be used in soups and baked dishes. They don’t make the best alternatives when used in Food wraps but add a great aroma to salads.

If you don’t feel like taking a quick stop to the grocery store, try cooking with alternatives like Romaine or the Iceberg lettuce because they provide the exact crunch you expect from Bibb Lettuces. Otherwise, Cabbage, Spinach, and Parsely can be wonderful substitutes.

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