Better Than Bouillon vs Bouillon Cubes: What’s The Difference?

better than bouillon vs bouillon cubes
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better than bouillon vs bouillon cubes

Bouillon is something that just about everyone is familiar with, mainly thanks to how common it is all across the world. While they might not know it by the same name, bouillon is a very common and popular topping for food.

It can also be consumed without anything else as a sole dish. Most people know bouillon as broth, the substance that is water which has been simmered in bones, meat, and/or vegetables.

Depending on the specific type of ingredients which were simmered in the water, it can taste completely different.

Broth is used with all kinds of different foods as a topping and is eaten on its own too. There are a lot of different uses for it, and it is even a key part of some recipes thanks to the unique tangy flavour that it can add.

For cooking related purposes, there are two different types of bouillon which are available out there, and these are bouillon cubes, and a product called Better Than Bouillon. The most notable differences between both of these products which are worth knowing are given below.

Better than Bouillon Vs Bouillon Cubes

What are They?

While getting down to the differences between them, the first and most important thing to do is memorizing the basics of what both of these products are. First up is the bouillon cube, which is something that a lot of people are likely familiar with already.

These are pre-made products that are simply little cubes made out of broth and are available in shops all around the world. Due to some people not wanting to go through the trouble of preparing broth just to add it into some food, they are quite popular and have become an important part of many recipes.

Then there is the Better Than Bouillon. This is something that’s definitely not as popular as bouillon cubes, and the reason for this is simple enough. It is a branded product that’s only available in certain parts of the world.

It is very similar to bouillon cubes in the sense that it is also used as an alternative for broth, providing convenience to all those looking to add some flavour to their dishes. But this is the only place where there are some similarities, as they are very different in the way that they work and taste.


Bouillon cubes are something that aren’t exactly known for how amazing they taste. They are just salted cubes made out of materials that are meant to gel in with the food that they are added to, spreading their flavour and adding a little something extra to the dish being made.

The best way to define them would be dull and salty, which is usually how most type of broths is unless prepared in a flashier way. This is something that ultimately falls short when compared to the taste of Better Than Bouillon.

When someone’s food needs a really big flavour boost, Better Than Bouillon can be their go-to option. While it also has a similar, very salty feel to it like bouillon cubes have, the overall flavour is completely different.

That’s because there are all kinds of different flavours available from the brand that manufactures this product. All these different flavours are better suited to specific recipes and specific tastes, adding a specific kind of zest to the meal which can vary in flavour depending on the specific one that users choose.

Which One is Better?

It can be safely said that a majority of people who have tried both bouillon cubes and Better Than Bouillon are very much fans of the latter as opposed to the former. The only advantage that the cubes have over their counterpart is the simplicity that some people prefer over the custom flavours.

But, this isn’t really an advantage either since there are simple salt flavours available for Better Than Bouillon.

So to finally answer the question, Better Than Bouillon is definitely the recommended choice out of the two. If you’re looking to add something extra to your dish, you should definitely choose this over something like bouillon cubes.

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