Berti Knives Review 2021: Is It Worth The Price?

berti knives review
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berti knives review

The knife is an important part of every kitchen because chopping the onions and slicing the carrots demand a sharp knife. Also, the knife’s quality will directly influence the cutting experience, so it’s best to choose the right brand. With this being said, we have Berti knives review in this article to help you choose the right knife meets the needs of every kitchen!

Berti Knives Review

To begin with, the Berti knives is the all-time favorite option. These knives are handmade in Italy. The best part is that everything is handmade, irrespective to the knife’s part. The knife is designed to offer promising quality and the appearance is great. These knives are designed with an extra-sharp blade that leads to thin and easier cutting. The handle is pretty cool (we love the sleekness). Also, the knives are designed with lightweight handles that covers up the blade’s heavyweight.

We don’t mind saying that Berit knives settle in the hands perfectly. As far as the knife is concerned, they are designed with unique appearance and visual without compromising on the functionality. When it comes down to the blades, it is engraved with the initials that make it the remarkable choice. In addition, the handles are so stunning. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these knives are a combination of history, quality, tradition, and artisan skills.

Berti knives are completely handmade and there are more than fifty steps involved in curating the well-designed knives. The knives undergo three manual yet consecutive processes and such outcomes cannot be attained even with the machines. According to the experts, there is no going back once you use them once. When it comes down the knife lineup, they have designed kitchen knives, steak knives, pocket knives, and specialty knives.


When it comes down to the blades, the high carbon stainless-steel is used which is infused with vanadium and molybdenum. As a result, the knives not only become durable but show great cutting performance. The best thing about this blade is that it remains sharp for quite a long time. In addition, they have forged as well as stamped blades. The manual processes optimize the edge and overall geometry that leads to high-end cutting blades.

As we are talking about the blades, it’s essential to note down that the edges are always sharpened and have bolstering configuration. Also, the blades are designed with a full tang. The best thing about the Berti knife’s blade is that it isn’t prone to steel cuts (no irregular cutting issues).


Berti knives are an epitome of quality and their handles completely resonate with it. That’s to say because for making the handles, the materials like ebony, boxwood, or ox horns are used since they are natural yet premium. As a result, the handles are pure luxury. However, keep in mind that handles will need extra care. In addition, they don’t always age well.

On the other hand, for people who don’t want such materials, Berti also offers the cornotech and lucite handles. These are actually the handles made from acrylic materials (the material is also known as PMMA). These materials are processed and modeled manually into the high-performance and appealing factor. These handles are famous for their shine and ability to age well. With this being said, these handles will retain the original color for a very long time (decades, even!). Above all, the knives are completely safe for dishwashers.  


When it comes down to the Berti knives, they are handmade and undergo fifty steps for completing the knife. For instance, edge sharpening, forging the blade, and modeling the handle, everything is done manually and through the craftsmen who have years of experience. The manufacturing process is designed to deliver top-notch quality without compromising on the effectiveness of the blade.

Additional Information

When we talk about the forged knives by Berti, they have curated the promising outcome and are handmade. The forged knives are usually made on-demand and people who want the traditional knives with promising cutting performance.

The bottom line is that Berti knives are designed with top-notch craftsmanship and uses the traditional processes for manufacturing. One might think that hand-crafted knives won’t be good enough but Berti knives are an epitome of quality; it’s a thumbs-up from our side!

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