Baking Bread On A Propane Grill: Factors To Consider

baking bread on a propane grill
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baking bread on a propane grill

Bread is one of the most important food items, especially for daily food preparation. The majority of people purchase bread from the store, but there are people who bake their own bread. If you are one of those, baking bread on a propane grill will surely sound interesting, right? If you want to try your luck with this, we have all the details below!

Baking Bread On A Propane Grill

Baking bread on these propane grills will make sure you don’t have to stand the heat in the kitchen because you can simply bake bread in your patio or yard. If you are questioning the possibility, it is possible as long as you are using the covered grill. In case your propane grill doesn’t have a cover, you can opt for an inverted pot. With a cover on top, the heat will circulate just like it circulates in the oven. As for the heat source, you can use any option, including wood, gas, and charcoal.

Ideally, you should opt for gas because you will be able to control the temperature and won’t add a smoky flavor to the bread. Similarly, when you are using the propane grill, temperature matters a great deal. This is because the bottom of the bread will get more head since it’s plated on the primary shelf, resulting in faster cooking of the bread’s bottom. On the other hand, the upper side of the bread won’t be cooked properly, and it might even remain uncooked.

The Temperature

It is essential to maintain the temperature, as we have already mentioned. When it comes down to outdoor grills, they create enough heat to provide nice searing to the food and also enhances the cooking time. In simpler words, these grills have intense heat and can directly impact how the bread will come out. In addition, propane grills provide more convection which reduces the baking time. However, for baking bread on one, you need to use a low temperature (oven thermometer will be an absolute blessing). In addition to this, you can also experiment with indirect grilling.

Baking Loaves

The majority of bread recipes can be baked on propane grills, but if you are a beginner, you can opt for frozen loaf dough or rolls to make sure you understand the heat. With the frozen dough or rolls, you need to preheat the grill and place it on the grill. Make sure you are careful to ensure bread doesn’t burn. Also, when you are baking bread on the grill, bake them until it has a crisp golden brown color as it’s the perfect outcome. In the case of the no-knead recipe, you won’t be able to make it in a propane grill as it requires a Dutch oven.

Baking The Flatbreads

Flatbreads are generally used for making focaccia and pizza crust which means it needs to be held together. In that case, you need to plate dough on the propane grill, and it’s best to oil those grates before you place the flatbread. All in all, when baking the flatbreads, make sure it’s stiff enough.

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