Anova vs Instant Pot Sous Vide: What’s The Difference?

anova vs instant pot sous vide
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anova vs instant pot sous vide

There has been a fierce battle between the two culinary giants Anova and instant Pot for years. Each company offers a set of distinct features. Instant Pot functions as a multi-cooker catering to most of your kitchen needs.

Anova, on the other hand, specializes in sous vide cooking. The concept of sous vide was alien to home cooking. However, many companies have introduced appliances perfect for sous vide. Here, we are doing a quick comparison of Anova vs instant Pot sous vide.

If you are of the experimental type, you would love the idea of sous vide. It is a cooking method used in restaurants to produce high-quality food with precise finishing. Food is wrapped in a plastic bag and left in a water bath to cook at desired temperatures.

Anova vs Instant Pot Sous Vide

Let’s go into the precise features and compare the functioning of both during sous vide cooking.


First things first, the temperature is a top element in determining the quality and doneness of your food. Anova allows a range of temperatures. The versatile temperature range is between 0 to 92 degrees Celsius.

Instant Pot sous vide has a smaller range of temperature that affects its versatility. It is from 20 to 95 degrees Celsius. You may not be able to juggle the temperature, minimizing the types of food you can cook.


Besides temperature, accuracy is an important feature in producing desired texture of food. Anova is highly accurate with a slight off by +/- 0.1˚C.

Instant Pot sous vide is also fairly accurate with an accuracy of +/- 1°F.

Bluetooth connectivity

The notion that the world is turning digital is old now. The world has already turned digital.

Now, you can control your food at a distance using the Anova Bluetooth connectivity and app features. Whether you are chilling or are busy with other household chores, you can control the Anova sous vide cooking easily.

Instant Pot does not have this advanced feature. However, you can use their app to find out the best recipes for Instant Pot.


Anoma has a very strong circulator. This means that the water is circulated strongly and properly. Circulation is necessary to keep even temperature throughout the Pot.

In contrast, the Instant Pot sous vide function works without the circulation of water. So, it is not truly sous vide function, but it still works. You can use the Instant Pot for sous vide if you do not have the budget to go for a separate immersion circulator.


Anoma uses a strong clamp and you can adjust the depth of circulator immersion. The depth of the vessel does not matter in this case.

For Instant Pot, the clamp does not hold the circulator strongly and rests the circulator at the bottom of the vessel.


Using a timer while sous vide cooking is necessary. While you should not worry about overcooking something in this process, maintaining a set temperature is a must.

Instant Pot sets a timer at 3 hours every time you use it. So, if you want to cook past 3 hours, you have to set it again which seems frustrating.

In comparison, Anoma allows you to use the timer feature in the way you need.


The display of the Anoma shows the current temperature and your target temperature both.

In Instant Pot, you can view either of the temperatures. You can get confused about whether you are viewing current or target temperature. The Instant Pot display covers the timer as well.

Space efficient

Both Anova and Instant Pot can fit in tight spaces easily. They are small and easy to store. Hence, it decreases the need for multiple appliances for various purposes.

Thus, we can conclude that Anova has an edge over instant Pot when it comes to the sous vide cooking technique. Instant Pot kills your time in the kitchen by 50% or even more. Its multi-cooker impact on your kitchen life is huge. Instant Pot that comes with sous vide functionality is a bonus.

Instant Pot is a gift for busy parents and Anova a treat for foodies. Anova produces top results when it comes to sous vide. There is no denying that the results are restaurant quality with almost no effort from your end.

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