Anova Timer Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

anova timer not working
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anova timer not working

Technology has had a great impact on every aspect of our lives. New and new gadgets are coming out each day to help make our lives easier. The same is the case with cooking, A lot of accessories are available in the market that has made cooking easier for everyone.

Now it has become easier than ever to follow the instruction of a recipe with great precision. From timers to smart ovens, it has become possible for even a beginner to prepare a gourmet meal.

Anova Timer Not Working

Anova culinary is a company based in San-Francisco that offers a wide range of cooking appliances. From precision cooker and ovens to sous vide devices. All these appliances have a timer that can be linked with your phone through an app. You can remotely set timers on your cooker through an app.

Furthermore, you can check the current temperature of food as well as receive alerts when your food is cooked. However, some people are experiencing issues with the timer being stuck or not working. Following are some fixes you can try to resolve this issue.

1) Make sure your Wi-Fi is working properly

Having a poor connection makes the timer lag behind or stop working. People reported that switching from their home Wi-Fi to cellular connection fixed the problem for them. If you have a poor Wi-Fi connection then switching to a cellular network might solve the problem for you.

2) Fix the time format

Make sure that you are in the correct format of MM: SS. One major reason why your timer is not working as expected is that it might be set to HH: MM format. You can easily change the format of the timer from the control grid and it should start working properly.

3) Update your app

Another reason why you are experiencing this issue might be because you are on the outdated version of the Anova app. A version mismatch can cause the timer to malfunction so make sure that you are on the updated version of the app. As the timer bug is fixed on the newer version of the app and is working perfectly for most people.

4) Contact customer support

If none of the above-mentioned fixes are working for you then your best bet is to contact customer support. The Anova team will be more than willing to send a replacement machine if your warranty is still intact. So, if you believe that your machine is faulty then you should advance a claim on your warranty. You’ll most probably receive a replacement device within 2 weeks.

For most people fixing their Wi-Fi network solved the problem of the Anova timer not working for them. People who were not able to figure out a fix got into contact with the Anova team and were able to get a replacement order.

Such claims cannot be ignored when it comes to maximizing customer satisfaction. This is why Anova culinary is very responsive in helping its customers through any challenges they might face while using Anova devices.

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