5 Best Anise Extract Substitutes You Can Try

anise extract substitute
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anise extract substitute

Deep-flavoring sweet dishes is the main job of food extracts. When it comes to flavoring and sweet-twisting desserts such as anise cookies, glazed cookies, chocolate and coffee beverages, anise extract would cross your mind. Anise extract is one of the most used extracts in the market. They are used to dish up and make excellent dessert frosts and several other baked and cooked dishes. Because anise extract has a licorice, slightly sweet flavor, it is the best ingredient to make strong-flavored cooked and baked goods. Although, sometimes the markets really fall short of anise extract due to the demand. When you require anise extract and it has fallen short, it is the best time you use some useful substitutes for anise extract.

In this post, we will walk you through the best substitutes of anise extract. Hook yourself till the end for some good alternative choices for anise extract.

What Exactly Is Anise Extract?

Knowing the ingredient well before substituting it with any other ingredient is important. Let’s give you some idea of what exactly anise extract is.

Anise extract is made from anise seeds which have a licorice flavor, perfectly suitable for adding sweet flavors to cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.

This extract is basically made from licorice-flavored anise seeds that have signature strong and highly intense flavors. Most varieties of cakes and cookies have the main ingredient of anise extract. The sweet and intense flavor is due to the presence of anethole compound. It gives anise extract that signature flavor.

Now that you have a fair understanding of anise extract, let’s tell you some of their most effective alternatives that match the exact flavor profiles of anise extract. Read on.

Best Anise Extract Substitute

Suppose, you have tracked down all the other ingredients for your anise cookies and other baked or cooked anise-related dish, but you are out of anise extract. This is the exact time you select another ingredient in place of anise extract.

Here are some of the best substitutes for anise extract that won’t affect your dish too much.

  1. Pernod – An Ideal Substitute Of Anise Extract

Pernod is an anise-flavored beverage that is backed by a French company Pernod. Since extracts have alcohol content in them, Pernod can be an ideal substitute for anise extract. This alcoholic beverage is sweet-flavored which will give your dessert frosts the same results, any high-quality anise extract would give.

If you have Pernod kept in your kitchen for drinking purposes or for other cooking purposes, you might as well use it to substitute anise extract.

  1. Anise Liqueur – The Closest Alternative To Anise Extract

Anisette is another name of anise liqueurs. They are colorless and quite sweet in taste and have the same licorice flavors as anise extract. Due to the licorice flavors and mildly sweet taste, anise liqueurs or anisette are used as commendable alternatives for anise extract. If you add the half quantity of anisette instead of anise extract, there is no way that you won’t have the same result. Anisette’s are an effective and easy substitute for anise extracts.

  1. Anise Spirits – Another Good Alternative Of Anise Extract

Anise spirits are usually less sweet than the anise extract and the anisette. This is why if you need the sweet flavors dominating in your dish, you might want to take an extra quantity of anise spirit in your desired recipe. Make sure the quantity taken isn’t too high. Overall, anise spirits are used as a good alternative for anise extract. You might want to consider them, especially if they are sitting in your pantry.

  1. Licorice Flavoring And Extracts – Another Close Substitute Of Anise Extract

The licorice has a strong, sweet taste. It comes in black color. The flavorings and extracts of licorice are extensively available in the market. Since licorice flavors is dominant in anise extracts, licorice extract can be another close substitute for anise extract.

  1. Vanilla Extract – The Easiest Substitute Of Anise Extract

If you don’t care more or less about the excessively sweet and strong flavors of anise extract, then vanilla extract can be the easiest and hassle-free substitute for anise extract. The vanilla extract might be already available in your kitchen too.

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