6 Best Substitutes For Angostura Bitters

angostura bitters substitutes
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angostura bitters substitutes

Alcohol is a known ingredient for the recipes but there are hundreds of alcohol options and Angostura Bitters is one of them. We are certain that Angostura Bitters is an important part of your beverage pantry if you love to play with flavors and experiment with food. However, if you cannot find it, we are sharing the Angostura bitter substitutes!

Angostura Bitters Substitutes

To illustrate, it is the concentrated Bitters that are based on spices, gentian, and herbs and is produced by the House of Angostura. It can be used for flavoring the drinks. For the most part, it has an acquired yet strong and concentrated taste. For the most part, Angostura Bitters is not undiluted since they are used in smaller quantities for flavoring purposes.

For the most, it has been used for medicinal purposes for years for fixing digestive issues. As far as the cocktails are concerned, Angostura bitter is an essential part of whiskey cocktails and pisco sour.

Also, it can be added to the gunner cocktail (doesn’t it remind you of Hong Kong?). Last but not least, Angostura bitter is added to a champagne cocktail, mojito cocktails, ginger ale, and rock shandy.

1) Peychaud’s Bitters

This is the first substitute available for Angostura Bitters and the flavor is pretty identical to Angostura Bitters. However, some people feel a sweeter flavor with a floral aroma. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Peychaud’s Bitters has the flavor that reminds us of licorice and caramel. In addition, there are nutmeg, clove, and cherry hints which will make you craving for more.

While you are trying to replicate the flavor, you need to play with the volume. This is because Angostura Bitters has 44.7% alcohol concentration while Peychaud’s Bitters has 35% alcohol concentration. All in all, it’s a pretty versatile option and complements multiple cocktails (we love it in Manhattan cocktails). Also, you can use Peychaud’s Bitters for lighting the cognac brandy.

2) Fee Brothers Bitters

For people who want something as rich as Angostura Bitters, Fee Brothers Bitters is the right choice because it has a combination of multiple botanicals. There are multiple Bitters to select from because they have an entire range that’s made with different herbs, roots, and barks (these different ingredients lead to specific flavors and aromas).

However, if you want a perfect substitute for Angostura Bitters, you should opt for the aromatic Bitters as they are made from citrus oils, spices, and Angostura bark. In addition, it has hints of cinnamon and clove which leave a fine and pleasant finish. It can be used in Old Fashioned and Manhattan. If you use Free Brothers Bitters in a smaller amount, it not only boosts the drinks’ flavors but complexity as well.

On the other hand, if you cannot get your hands on an aromatic bottle, you can switch to whiskey barrel-aged Bitters because it has a classic old flavor. Also, these Bitters are available in various flavors.

3) Bittercube Aromatic Bitters

This is a suitable choice for people who want creative flavors because Bittercube Aromatics Bitters can add an exciting and unique flavor to the cocktails. In particular, you should opt for blackstrap, cherry bark vanilla, and bolivar because they offer better flavors. Also, if you want to add a citrus kick, you can opt for orange Bitters.

4) Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

If you want to improve the complexity of the flavors, you can easily opt for Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters. With this Bitters, you can get a fine combination of cinnamon, cardamom, and anise because it adds a prominent flavor. Also, it goes fine with every cocktail that you want to use Angostura Bitters for. To name a few, it’s suitable for Airmail, Old Fashioned, old Cuban, and Queen’s park swizzle. Moreover, it goes fine with wood-aged liqueurs.

5) Bitters Club Aromatic Bitters

Let’s be honest, this Bitters might not have the same flavor and taste as Angostura Bitters but it’s still delicious. This is because the Bitters are designed with over twenty-six different spices, herbs, and fruits and this flavor will stand at the top.

6) Campari

This is the Italian bitter liqueur which is known for its utilization in Negroni and has a bright red color. The taste is mildly sweet and bitterness is intense. To illustrate, you can substitute four dashes of Angostura Bitters with ¼ teaspoon of Campari.

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