8 Inch vs 10 Inch Chef Knife: Compare

8 inch vs 10 inch chef knife
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8 inch vs 10 inch chef knife

Be it cutting those chicken breasts or dicing the veggies; cutting boards hold undeniable importance in ever kitchen. But hey, what about the knives with which you are going to cut everything? When it comes down to the chef knives, there is a variety of sizes available. In the same vein, it can be difficult to choose the right size. So, if you are wondering about 8-inches Vs. 10-inches chef knife, we have added everything you need to know about both sizes!

8 Inch vs 10 Inch Chef Knife: Compare

8-Inches Chef Knife

As per the size, this knife will be smaller, which makes it easier to use. For all the home chefs out there, the 8-inches knife is a better option. It’s needless to say that this knife is highly versatile. That’s to say, because it offers the right proportion of agility while enabling the chefs to slice the huge food items, like watermelon or a turkey.

10-Inches Chef Knife

This chef knife is designed with a longer blade that has the tendency to cut higher volume. However, it can be intimidating for some people. This is the right size for people who have a height of more than six feet. For the people who need to squash down the kale and cut pumpkins, this is the optimal size. Even more, it has an appropriate width to ensure you can chop dozens of carrots at one time.

We talked about the height because this knife is large enough to ensure your knuckles aren’t pinched while dicing those veggies.

Choosing The Right Chef Knife Size

First Trick

Usually, the 8-inches knife is better for people who are almost 5.9ft tall. On the other hand, the 10-inches knife is suitable for people who are more than 6ft tall. As for home use, you should consider the height and convenience of every family member. For instance, the 12-inch knife might be suitable for you, but it’s not going to be right for your wife, right? So, go the middle road that can settle with everyone.

Forearm Test

In this test, you need to measure the length of the blade from the tip to the heel (against your forearm). This will give you an idea about the right length or size for you. It is suggested to opt for the length that’s similar to the forearm. In addition, make sure that the length is the same as that of distance from your wrist to elbow.

This is because if the blade is longer or shorter than this length, it will adversely impact the control over the cutting. In addition, you can use a ruler to measure the distance from elbow to wrist and use those measurements to buy the chef knife online.

Calculating The Right Length

This is one of the most used tricks to measure the right size of the chef knife. In the trick, you should measure the cutting board diagonally and minus four inches. However, if the cutting board isn’t more than 16-inches diagonally, you shouldn’t jump more than 8-inches.

8 inch vs 10 inch chef knife
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