The Easiest Fat Loss Fruit Salad Recipe

fat loss fruit salad recipe

Fruit salads can be a great way of promoting fat loss without needing to worry too much about spending a lot of time in the kitchen.



This recipe doesn’t need much of anything at all. You’ll only need some fruits and a couple of other things, which are…:

  • 1 Apple
  • 78 Strawberries
  • 34 Kiwis
  • 500 Grams of Curd
  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey


Once you have your ingredients by your side and you’re ready to cook, start by…

  1. Cutting an Apple: Get an apple and cut it up into small, cube like pieces. Make sure that you make use of the whole fruit and don’t waste any. Cut it deep all the way to the core and remove the pit. Then, cut up the rest of it into small pieces. Whether you leave the skin on or not is up to you, but I usually prefer it on for some extra taste and texture.cut apple
  2. De-Stem Strawberries: Get 7-8 strawberries and use a knife to carefully cut out their stem. Do that to each strawberry and then just chop them up into small pieces, Preferably the same way you did with the apples for consistency.cut strawberries
  3. Peel Kiwis: Get a peeler that you can use to get rid of the skin from some kiwis. 3-4 kiwis should be enough for this salad. Once the skin is removed, cut them up into small pieces. Again, it’s preferable that you cut the kiwis the same way you’ve done the other fruits so far.cut kiwis
  4. Whisk Some Curd: Get a medium or large sized bowl and put about 500 grams of curd inside it. Whisk this for 3-5 minutes until you can notice that it’s starting to take on a desirable texture. Once that’s done, the recipe is mostly complete.whisk curd
  5. Add Fruits and Honey: Put all the fruits you cut up earlier in the bowl you whisked the curd in. Mix these ingredients well together and then add 1 tablespoon of honey on top to give it all some extra sweetness and flavor. After you do that, mix well one last time until all the ingredients blend together, and the fruit salad will be ready!fat loss fruit salad


  • These are the only ingredients you’ll need to make this delicious salad at home. You can add other fruits to the mix as well, but make sure that you watch how sweet they are, and how many calories they’ll be adding to your diet.
  • I chose these particular ingredients because they’re the right mix of flavor, texture, and calories. But, you’re welcome to add more to it if you feel like it, or even substitute the fruits here for other ones. The only thing to watch out for if you do that is what you add and what kind of nutrients those added ingredients bring to the recipe.


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