Pressure Cooking Sweets and Desserts


You may call me a pressure cooker evangelist! I just love desserts and the pressure cooker can deliver all kinds of sweet concoctions. Dessert is the crowning glory of a meal that encourages families to remain at the table, satisfying their sweet tooth while enjoying one anotherís company just a little longer. Whether it is a simple sweet or a more elegant recipe, desserts that please the eye as well as the palate will be remembered as one of the best parts of the meal.

With a wide variety recipes that range from simple to complex cakes, the pressure cooker canít be beat for quick desserts. You can turn out a creamy gourmet cheesecake, or a spectacular molded cake, the moistest fruitcakes you have ever eaten, and even a chocolaty molten lava cake.

The natural sweetness of seasonal fruit makes it one of the best desserts available, not only because it is a pleasant taste but because it is healthier than many other dessert options. Dried fruits are used in many old fashioned compote desserts. The pressure cooker makes quick work of pie fillings for a classic pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

Many spectacular holiday desserts come from the pressure cooker. These wonderful heirloom recipes are an excellent choice for parties, entertaining, or for any special occasion that calls for a classic dessert to make the event even more enjoyable and significant.

The pressure cooker  makes smooth and rich puddings, custards and flans in just minutes. Add a DIY smorgasbord of special toppings and sauces and you've got a fun and personalized dessert paradise that every member of the family will enjoy.

So what are you in the mood forÖ would some no fuss Chocolate Fudge Drops satisfy your sweet tooth?





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